1. What is the size of the address space in KBs for 16 bit address space?

The size of address space for 16 bit address space is 64kb

For s/370 the address space 21 bit- 16MB
For s370XA and EXA address space is 31 bit- 2GB

2. What is address space in MVS?

Address space is the range of addresses in real storage.

3. What is swap-in and swap-out?

Swap-in and Swap-out is the tranfer of all valid pages
between auxilary storage to real storage and vice-versa.

5. What is the panel name of ispf primary option menu?

Panel name is ISPf/PDF primary option menu

6. How to create a new pds with the structure of an existing pds?

You can create a new pds with file aid 3.2.
Here the question is, same structure of an existing pds.
it is easy to note down the structure and type it again
while allocating a daataset, but what is the shortest form
of doing this is the question...

7. How to send a SMS to a mobile through Mainframe MVS?

SMS in mainframe is Storage Management System. I hope it has
nothing to do with telephone SMS.

Regarding the Storage Management System, I can say something

8. What is the output of the following command given in TSO/ISPF terminal?
SRCHFOR abc SRCHFORC xyz, (+5)

SRCHFOR 'abc' search for abc in the current PDS or LIBRARY.

SRCHFOR C 'xyz', (+5) search for 'xyz' and (+5) in
continuation (i.e. in the same line only).

9. What are the sub parameters for UNDO command? How does it work?

TYPE RECOVERYON on command promt then UNDO command enable.

UNDo command is used to it rollbacks previous data.

10. How to define a DIRECTORY and what is the
structure and definition for the same?

As in DIRECTORY we can store files as well as another
DIRECTORY which includes other files but PDS includes only
mebers not another PDS inside it.

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