1. This is rpg3 code
What is the means @CN,002?

@CN is an array and @CN,002 represents the 2nd element of
that array

2. Errors in Sql query will be in which state?

SQL statment is error in embeded sql, then SQL code will
give the negative value.

3. What is the difference between ITER and DO ? I know both are used to execute set of statements repeatedly, but what is the main difference?

There is no comparision between DO and ITER as DO statement
is an looping statement and ITER is an branching statement
like LEAVE.
When I use ITER with some condition inside a DO-ENDDO loop,
when that condition occouerd, ITER transfered the control
to ENDDO not out of the loop like LEAVE ie it just skip the
excecution of statements between ITER and ENDDO.

In one statement we can say that ITER in RPGLE is same as

5. We have job which is running as batch. it takes atleast 06hours to complete tht job. bu i wanna do tht job with in 3hours?

we have to create multiple threads in the job. when we
submit the job ,multiple threads will run parallelly. so it
will take very less time to complete the job. This is the
best way I believe.

6. What is the length of Signature?

the length of the signature is 16 bit like g2g4h5v3f3v4546k

8. Explain MDT?

MDT is a internal indicator.It is used when we are using
SFLNXTCHG in SFL.MDT indicator default in on mode.
breifly when we are using readc for read changed
records.MDT is internally on for every record .If retreive
the record once MDT is going to be off.for that purpose we
used SFLNXTCHG keyword to seton.

9. What is file identifier where we can use?

system will genaret the uniqe file identifier for every
file.system identifies file thourh that identifier.supose u
can call a file throuh an other program but u do any
change after that file identifier will change.u got error
on that time level check error cause u r file identifier
was changed.

10. What are the types of identifiers?

Basically we know 3 type of identifier

1. is numeric which we denotes pic 9(2) like.
2. is alphabetic which we denotes pic A(2) like.
3. is alphanumeric identifier which we denotes pic x(2)like

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