1. In SMS datasets, what is the function of the DD AVGREC keyword?

(1) Specifies average length of records in a file

(2) Specifies the multiplier to be used for primary & secondary space allocation

(3) Directs the system to allocate space based on average record length

(4) Specifies word blocking factor

Answer is 2

2. If a (+1) generation dataset is created in the first step of a job, how can it be referenced in later steps of the same job for input?

(1) As the (0) generation

(2) As the (+1) generation

(3) As the (-1) generation

(4) Without the generation number

Answer is 2

3. What is the function of //CNTL statement?

(1) Marks the beginning of one or more program control statements

(2) Identifies the control card library

(3) Delimits the PROC control statements

(4) None of the above

Answer is 1

4. How can the attributes of one SMS dataset be copied to another dataset?

(1) Using DD like parameter

(2) Using DD Copy parameter

(3) Using DD Refer parameter

(4) Attributes cannot be copied within SMS datasets

Answer is 1

5. How can a jobs execution priority be modified?

(1) PRIQTY parameter

(2) PRTY parameter

(3) JOBCLASS parameter

(4) RUNTIME parameter

Answer is 2

6. What parameter directs the output of the job log dataset?





Answer is 2

7. What statement can be used to send data to another MVS JES3 node?

(1) LINK


(3) XMIT

(4) SEND

Answer is 3

9. How can the submitting users RACF authority be overridden in a job stream?

(1) Through the USER parameter

(2) Through the USER and PASSWORD parameter

(3) By notifying the console operation to override the authority

(4) Through the RACF parameter

Answer is 2

10. In SMS datasets, what is the function of the DD MGMTCLAS keyword?

(1) Specify a management class for a new dataset

(2) Lookup a storage profile from the class library

(3) Begin a storage class definition block

(4) Alters the default storage profile for the dataset

Answer is 1

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