1. How do you check your work for accuracy?

I am an individual with high attention to detail. I check and recheck my work continuously and make sure that there are no errors.

2. Why should we hire you for this job as Paralegal?

I am a dedicated paralegal professional with law education and ample experience in the field. I posses all the core competencies needed for the routine legal assistance tasks and am proficient in legal research and report writing as well.

3. Why did you leave your last job as Paralegal?

I enjoyed my job a lot and it provided me with great opportunities to learn. However it was limited to family law and I wanted to broaden my horizons in the law field.

4. Tell me about a time you had to interact with a difficult client?

You represent the company to the public and your ability to act professionally at all times is important. Discuss the specific techniques you use to handle a difficult interaction including staying calm, getting all the necessary facts and information, discussing options and coming to agreement.

5. Why should we consider you to be the right person for this job?

I am confident that I possess the legal educational background, the experience and the skills that this job demands. I believe I am much above in these areas as far as other contenders for this job is concerned as I possess excellent research skills along with a profound ability to work in a fast paced environment.

6. Are you comfortable working for the defense of suspected criminals?

You might be put in a position where a client is guilty or suspected of a crime that conflicts with your personal ethics, however the interviewer must ensure that won't affect your work.

"Our job is to provide high quality legal services and I believe everyone deserves to be represented equally, regardless of the alleged charges. I pride myself on my level of diplomacy. At the end of the day, I have a job to complete so I would never let personal feelings cloud my professional judgment."

7. How do you manage your research work considering there is so much to look through?

I have been trained to first comprehend the topic I am researching and to then look for resources. I am familiar with most legal books that hold pertinent information and have the knowledge of how to look through them for precedents and information.

8. Describe to me a time when you had to deal with a difficult client?

A Paralegal is the face of the company and during this time professionalism is required.

You should tell the interviewer about specific techniques you used when handling a difficult client and how you stayed calm. At the same time explain how you were able to get all the necessary facts and information, discussing options and coming to an agreement.

9. Tell me about your experience dealing with confidential and sensitive information?

A paralegal needs to use tact and diplomacy when dealing with sensitive and confidential issues and situations. Provide a specific example.

10. Tell us about a time you had to handle a difficult client?

There was an instance when a client we figured to be lying wanted to make us believe otherwise. It was a sensitive case and we couldn't be too careful. He would come in to the office and threaten us when the office refused to take his case. He almost made it into a hostage situation when he tried abducting one of the secretaries. I took over the situation and calmly convinced him to leave.

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