1. What is the private address assigned by the dhcp? is the beginning of the default dynamic IP
address range for Linksys home network routers. This means
the first computer (or other device) you attach to a Linksys
router will typically be assigned the address
by DHCP. You can change the DHCP range of a router through
its configuration utility to either use or not use

2. How can Jim Herr, a client on an NT TCP/IP network see which remote hosts are currently connected using NBT?

Display protocol statistics and current TCP/IP connections
using NBT (NetBIOS over TCP/IP).

By Name
NBTSTAT -a Remote_host_Name [options] [interval]

By IP address
NBTSTAT -A IP_address [options] [interval]

-a (adapter status) List the remote machine's name table
given its name
-A (Adapter status) List the remote machine's name table
given its IP address
-c (cache) List NBT's cache of remote [machine]
and their IP addresses
-n (names) List local NetBIOS names.
-r (resolved) List names resolved by broadcast and
via WINS
-R (Reload) Purge and reloads the remote cache
name table
-S (Sessions) List sessions table with the
destination IP addresses
-s (sessions) List sessions table converting
destination IP
addresses to computer NETBIOS names.
-RR (ReleaseRefresh) Send Name Release packets to WINS
and then, starts Refresh

interval Redisplay selected statistics,
pausing interval seconds
between each display. Press Ctrl+C
to stop redisplaying

Syntax to see
which remote hosts are currently connected using NBT

c:/>nbtstat -n

3. What is ESTMP?

pronounced as separate letters) Short for Simple Mail
Transfer Protocol, a protocol for sending e-mail messages
between servers. Most e-mail systems that send mail over the
Internet use SMTP to send messages from one server to
another; the messages can then be retrieved with an e-mail
client using either POP or IMAP. In addition, SMTP is
generally used to send messages from a mail client to a mail
server. This is why you need to specify both the POP or IMAP
server and the SMTP server when you configure your e-mail

4. Which network mask should you place on a class c address to accommodate a user requirement for two sub networks with a maximum of 35 hosts on each network?
As it is asked to accommodate 35 hosts on both networks and it comes around 70 in total... so 2^7 is the minimum and dat comes in the last octet we need to leave 7bits for host and 1 bit for network.

6. Why DNS use both TCP and UDP ports. And for which purpose it uses TCP and UDP?

DNS uses TCP for Zone Transfer over Port: 53
DNS uses UDP for DNS Queries over Port: 53
A client computer will always send a DNS Query using UDP
Protocol over Port 53. If a client computer does not get
response from a DNS Server, it must re-transmit the DNS
Query using the TCP after 3-5 seconds of interval.

7. Hoe often does updates happen in a routing table?

It depends on the routing algorithm used: RIP, RIP2, OSPF...

8. How to hide control panel in my pc?

It can be done by using userpolicies for individual system.

9. IPv6 uses ________ bit address, whereas IPv4 uses ________ bit address?

An IPv6 address consists of 128 bits, while an IPv4 address
consists of only 32