1. What is usage in service contracts?

Usage base service providing to the product, Usage means

we can provide the service to the product on the basis of
USE(counters) and Durations(time) wise, this need to be
define in service contracts how the product get service on
eligible business process(customer support/Field
service/Depot repair) with charges or with out charges .

2. What is the use of line numbers?

A contract can ahve multiple lines and the line number will
differentiate between one line to another. Sb-line number
is also dependent on line number e.g. if we have line
number as 1,2 then the sub-line number for line 1 will be
1.1, 1.2,1.3 etc.

3. What are the administration components involving with service contracts?

This is 3rd Phase of service contracts and their components
as follows in R12

1.Change Request
5.change Status

4. What are all default service contracts line types?

The Default Line Types in Service Contracts are:
a) Service Agreement:

1. Service
2. Usage
b) Warranty and Extended Warranty

1. Extended Warranty

c) Subscription Agreement

1. Subscription

5. What is subscription agreement?

Oracle Service Contracts can be used to sell subscriptions
for both tangible(collateral, or any other physical
item that can be shipped through OM) and intangible items(
collateral that is sent through e-mail).

6. Why summary and line Tabs is required?

The header level information for contract is captured at
top of the contract form and in summary tab. The summary
tab includes information in various sub-tabs like parties,
pricing/billing, renewal, administartion, security/text.

The line tab line tab captures the line level information
for individual service,usage and subscription items. Line
tab will have multiple sub-tabs acounts, effectivities,
pricing/products, exemption/payment options, counters,

The summary tab and line tab is required for any service

7. Why counters is required for the usage products?

They count the usage of product.this is recorded using
counters devices/mechanism that measure usage such as
number of phone calls made, no of copiers etc.

8. Why contracts need to group and how to assign?

Contracts are needed to be grouped because the renewals,terminations ,extensions of the Contracts can be done easily based on their groups.

The Contract be assigned to a particular group while authoring the Contract in the Summary--->Administration Tab.

And also we can change the Contracts to another groups from the Contract Navigator.

9. Why bill-to and ship-to locations is mandatory for the customer?

Bill to is required because this is the address which is
paying for our bills. Ship to is also required because if
we have tos end any material then to which address it
should be sent to.

10. Why QA checklist is required and what are all its checking?

QA Checklist is required to check that the contract is
created with all the necessary information.
the checklist checks and validates the contract before the
contract can become active

What all it is checking is a huge list.
Pl. check profile OKS: Default QA checklist

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