2. What is gap analysis, how do you defined. What are the pre-requisities?

GAP analysis in ERP implementation is to identify and
suggest the ways to bridge the gap between 'as is' and 'to
be'. GAP analysis suggests the changes and steps to bring in
these changes, so that ERP benefits are received in full.

3. Is it possible to retire an asset in the same period it is added?

There is no retirement possible, because the depreciation
for the same can be posted at the end of the period. That
means you can delete the transaction n number of times in
the same period, but retirement is not possible

4. What are all the differences in 11i environment and R12?

In r12 orale introduced new concept called multi org access
control. In multi org access control we can logon in
multiple operating units from single responsbility. And
also in 11i legal entity used for reporting tax but in r12
it is used for reprting purpose and also operating
transactions and also bank information attached to legal

5. What is value set?

It is nothig but set of rules or conditions which are going to attch to segment.

6. What is the use of below profile options while configure multiorg?
1. HR: Security Profile
2. MO: Security Profile
3. GL Set of books name
4. MO: Operating Unit
5. HR: User type

HR:SECURITY PROFILE->restricts data in HR according to Business Group or whatever the criteria we mentioned in the security profile.
HR:User Type-> to complete the org setup,purchasing,payables and recievables responsibilties need it.
MO:SECURITY PROFILE->it restricts the access to certain operating units.not necessary for gl and inventory resposibilities and for HR it is optional.
MO:OPERATING UNIT->which operating unit a particular responsibilty corresponds to.
GL SET OF BOOKS NAME->each responsibilty identified with thisprofile.can see only the accounting information.

7. What is the Entry in Oracle Apps AP,AR,GL for following Transations
1.One Pipe purchase at Rs.100
2.One Pipe Sales At Rs.150

1)Whenever we buy item there is no journal Entry.

2)When we Receive Material into inventory Org
Material Value A/C ---- Dr
Inventory AP Accrual A/C --- Cr

3)When we are going for payment
Charge A/c --- Dr
Liability A/c --- Cr

Liability A/c --- Dr
Cash Clearing A/c --- Cr
4)In Cash Management

Cash Clearing A/c --- Dr
Cash A/c --- Cr

5)When we Making Sale
Cost of Goods A/c --- Dr
Material A/c --- Cr

8. What are the setups in R11i for fund transfer between two bank?

Try following method:

Transfer funds from one bank to another by way of Manual
Journal in General Ledger. It is recommended to make such
transfers only by way of Letter of Instruction to bank
instead of preparing a cheque. Retain copy of this transfer
letter duly signed by authorised signatory and attach it to
the printout of Journal Voucher as a proof of funds

9. How to implement Letters of credit full cycle starting from negotiation to receipt of payment from customer, its amendment and related issues under Oracle Apps order management modules?

There is sales contract between beneficary and applicant
and doesnt have an trust with him they want to open lc
favur of exporter the docus required to open lc
application ,proformo invoice or purchase order applicant
will approach the issuing bank. Issuing bank will open the
lc and send to advising bank which is called nominating bank
advising bank will send to exporter they will check as per
comply docus accordingly beneficary check the lc the given
condition is correct and i can able to fulfill the
condition exporter is satisfied make the shipment and send
the docus as per lc to advising bank advising bank will
send to issuing bank.Issuing bank will make the payment to

10. What is the meaning holding tax?

These are the setup's u need to do for Automatic
withholding tax.
1)define tax authority supplier
2)define special calender
3)define withholding tax code
4)enable the option called "use with holding tax" in
payables options.
5) assign the tax code to supplier site --> here the tax
code will be
assigned to the normal supplier in withholding tax tab.

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