1. Explain Data Mover questions.....where did you use etc?

Data mover is used to move data of a record of database to another record in another database and the records should be identical in all respects like the number of fields, keys and fields

2. What is Customer Connection?

Log into (currently) PeopleSoft website with your login and password - https://www.peoplesoft.com/corp/en/login.jsp

6. Tell me How did you apply your patces and bundles?

use the PeopleSoft delivered Upgrade Assistant or Change Assistant for PT8.45 and above.

8. Explain Use of process profile?

(scenario based on process profile / process group)Server o/p path override , process he can access

10. Tell me What is component interface, where did you use?

A component interface is a PeopleSoft PeopleTools definition that is created to access a Component buffer without actually accessing the Component physically from the PIA.

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