1. What are business processes in Billing module in PS Financial?

1. The sale is captured in Billing. Load Bills from an
external system into PS Billing through Billing Interfaces
2. Billing creates the invoice to send to the customer
3. Billing sends the customer's invoice information to
Accounts Receivable to update customer balances
4. ARUPDATE Updates AR WITH NEWLY CREATED pending items &
post all other AR data to customers Accounts
5. Receivable processes payments from customers.(arpredct)
6: Accounts Receivable sends correspondence such as
statements and dunning letters to customers (AR_STMTS,
Dunning, and Aging)
7>Billing and Accounts Receivable send accounting entries
to General Ledger (FS_JGEN)

1)Billing Interface Process(BIIF0001)
2)Invoice Status Change Process(BIIVCSTS)
3)Currency Conversion (BICURCNV)
4)Pre-Load Process(BIPRELD)
5)Pre-Process and Finalization Process(BIIVC000) Note:After
Finalization Bills can't be changes
6)Invoice Printing
7)Then run Load AR Items Process (BILDARO1) to send data to

8)Finally Run load GL PROCESS(BILDGL01_)

2. What are most important business processes of Accounts Receivable modules?

- Loading Pending items from Billing/External systems
- Entering Pending Recv items info into Pplsoft system
and update the AR system with these data inputs(AR_UPDATE)
- Entering any deposits recvd in the system and update the
AR System (using AR_UPDATE).
- Processing Refunds.
- Worksheets (Payment/Maintenance/Transfer) for performing
matching operations for inbound funds against outbound
- Predict Payments, Receive Payments through Lockboxes and
update the AR system as items received. (AR_UPDATE)
- Generate Accounting Entries for entries originated in
Peoplesoft AR system / External system.

3. What are most important tables in Accounts Receivables in PeopleSoft?


There are more but these are important tables.

4. What are main business process of Accounts Payable?

Payables Business process overview:

Create Vouchers and payments process using manual and
automatic processes.
Country specific tax withholding
Matching the vouchers with the purchase orders and receipts
Post the vouchers
Maintain vouchers throughout their life cycle.
Create drafts, single voucher payment, prepayments, and
self-billed invoices.
Optionally, send electronic payments to PeopleSoft
Financial Gateway.
Analyze accounts payable information using online
inquiries, and by generating reports.
Archive accounts payable data.

5. In people soft can we delete online page?

yes we can delete online page.