1. Why silica absorb in mix bed resins in D M plant?

Because in mix bed cation & anion resin are present the removal of all ions so he absorbs at time of reamning of silica (sio2)

3. Why we are carrying standardization of karl fisher auto titrator with water and disodium tartarate?

The standardisation of karlfischer reagent is very
important before starting the experiment because the
reagent is always in contact with air and absorbs the
moisture and results in the dilution of the reagent. So it
will be better to standardise the reagent either with water
or di sodium tartarate

5. What is the difference between EMF and Voltage?

emf is that force which tend to push electrons from one
poient to another . but voltage is the amount of current
passed through a given resistence.

6. At a constant temp. volume is inversly proportional to pressure. This is Boyles law. But, when u give pressure to a football, how the volume also increases?

Boyle's law states that" at a constant temperature the
volume of a GIVEN MASS of gas is inversely proportional to
the applied pressure.
This indicates not only the temp, but the mass must be
But, when u apply pressure to a football, u r suplying air;
in fact u r not keeping the mass constant.
Hence Boyle's law can't be applied to this case.
Of course, when u supply only pressure from out side but
not air, definitely the volume will decrease.

7. What are the different by which a new molecule can be characterized?


8. What is little silver?

platinum, its comes from spanish word Platina which means
Lttle silver