1. What is the table, which contain the details of all the name of the programs and forms?

Table contains vertical and horizontal lines. We can store the data in table as blocks. We can scroll depends upon your wish. And these all are stored in database (data dictionary).

2. What are the difference between Interactive and Drill Down Reports?

ABAP/4 provides some interactive events on lists such as AT LINE-SELECTION (double click) or AT USER-COMMAND (pressing a button). You can use these events to move through layers of information about individual items in a list.

Drill down report is nothing but interactive report...drilldown means above paragraph only.

3. Among the Call Transaction and Session Method, which is faster?

Call transaction is faster then session method. But usually we use session method in real time...because we can transfer large amount of data from internal table to database and if any errors in a session, then process will not complete until session get correct.

4. What is runtime analysis? Have you used this?

It checks program execution time in microseconds. When you go to SE30. If you give desired program name in performance file. It will take you to below screen. You can get how much fast is your program.

5. How can I copy a standard table to make my own Z_TABLE?

Go to transaction SE11. Then there is one option to copy table. Press that button. Enter the name of the standard table and in the Target table enter Z_table name and press enter.

7. Can we create field without data element and how?

In SE11, one option is available above the fields strip i.e. Data element / direct type.

8. When top of the page event is triggered?

After executing first write statement in start-of-selection event.

9. How do you get output from IDOC?

Data in IDOC is stored in segments; the output from IDOC is obtained by reading the data stored in its respective segments.

10. In selection screen, I have three fields, plant material number and material group. If I input plant how do I get the material number and material group based on plant dynamically?



to get material and material group for the plant.

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