1. Explain what is safety programme?

Safety programme can be defined as five methods by which accident can be prevent easily they are engineering, education, enforcement, enthusiasm and example safety programmes are plain spoken and carry out certain legal steps.

2. Do you know what is safety policy?

Any company has a social and legal obligation to provide a safe and health working environment to all his improvement to all his employees.

3. Do you know what are the duties of a safety officer?

☛ Prepare tool box talk
☛ Prepare monthly statistics
☛ Prepare the checklist
☛ Accident reports
☛ Management meetings
☛ Arrange the safety classes/training
☛ Arrange monthly safety bulletin
☛ Inspection of fire extinguisher
☛ Arrange first aid training classes
☛ Arrange safety competitions like quiz, slogan, poster competitions exhibition etc.

4. Do you know how to investigate an accidents?

☛ Injured persons name, address, designation age
☛ Exact place and types of hazards
☛ Date, shift, time
☛ To find out the causes/ reasons
☛ To take correction action
☛ Fact finding not fault finding

5. Explain what are the objectives of safety management?

1. Taking care of workers and staff in the event of an accident
2. Providing health full environment and surrounding
3. Welfare
4. Continuous vigil and improvement

6. Do you know what are main provision in the factory act?

Health, safety, welfare, hours of work, employment, person, occupational disease, special provision and penalties and procedures.

7. Tell me bird accident ratio?

☛ Serious
☛ Minor
☛ Property damage
☛ No visible injury

8. Tell me uses of extinguisher for purpose?

1. Water type extinguisher – Class A fire (not be B & E)
2. Foam type extinguisher – Class B fire (S.B + A.S.= Co2)
3. Carbon dioxide extinguisher Class C Fire
4. DCP Extinguisher – Class C, D or E

9. Tell me what is painting?

The process after sand blasting is called painting .

10. Do you know what is factory act?

The factory act is a social enactment to achieve social reform and given liberal construction to achieve legislative.

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