1. Explain me one of your achievements?

I am proud to say that I assisted in devising an alarm system that works with body heat sensors. I was the prime source of information and feedback for this project

2. Explain what are some of your greatest strengths?

This is your chance to show off a little bit. Perhaps you can talk about your effective problem-solving skills, the way you stay calm under pressure, and your ability to prioritize tasks - especially in emergency situations when multiple issues must be handled simultaneously.

3. Tell me do you have anger issues? If yes, how do you deal with them?

I am not temperamental by nature but there are times when even the most docile of people lose their tempers. Especially in a setting where law enforcement is involved. It might seem a bit childish but counting from one to ten takes the edge out of my behavior like a charm!

4. Tell us how do you manage working the night shift?

Ans. It is not too difficult when you are already rested during the day. I usually ask my employer to provide me with a day off in between so I can manage my sleep cycle well.

5. Tell me do you use computers?

Yes! I am adept at using computers and CCTV Camera programs. I am also a good user of MS Word, Excel, Windows, Internet and email.

6. Tell me do you have any relevant certifications?

While California law requires that all employed security guards have a valid Guard Card, having other relevant certifications may increase your chances of getting hired. Be sure to mention any additional training courses you have completed, such as a 2 Year First Aid Certification or a Chemical Agent / Pepper Spray Certification.

7. Tell me how do you know when to enlist external help?

Security guards can practice law up to a certain limit. After that, it is up to the authorities to take over. While I know exactly how to look for and catch suspicious individuals or investigate thefts, it is not up to me to keep someone under lock and key. This is where I ask for external assistance.

8. Tell us why do you want to be a security officer?

It's a pretty tough question on the beginning. To be honest, there isn't anything special about a position of a security guard… That's why the best thing you can do is to simply tell the employer that you have all the predispositions for this job and would like to have it.

9. Tell me are you currently CPR/First Aid/AED certified?

If you found out a fellow security guard was accessing information he shouldn't be, but in your opinion it was important information, what would you do?

Imagine you have been called to handle an emergency on the 10th floor of a building, but six guests are waiting to be checked in at the front desk. It's late at night and you are momentarily alone at the front desk. What would you do?

If you are working at an event where there is a large, rowdy crowd, what steps could you take to make sure the event does not become chaotic or dangerous?

10. Do you know what are the major duties of a security guard?

Depending on the environment that a security guard is hired in, they patrol commercial and residential buildings to ensure that there is no sign of nefarious activities, and ensure the general safety and wellbeing of the residents in the assigned community.

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