Explain what precautions are necessary in electrical work?

Submitted by: Muhammad
1. All electrical installations shall be as per Indian electricity rules
2. Only competent persons should handle the electrical equipments
3. The equipments should be earthed properly
4. All temporary electric lines should be drawn at least above man's height
5. Cable should be completely insulted
6. Cable should not have any joints
7. Only connection for one point
8. Good house keeping on the area
9. Fire protection equipment to be kept near by
10. Use rubber gloves and rubber boots
11. Use good quality of wire
12. Power isolation close to the job
13. Use three pin plug instead of loose wire
14. Never operate any electrical equipment with wet hands
15. Never stand wet surface while working electrical equipments
16. During thunder storm do not stand under tree
17. Proper sign board is necessary
18. No person shall work on any live electrical conductor
19. The switch shall only be put on by person who switched it off
Submitted by: Muhammad

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