Knowledge Based Speech Pathologist Interview Questions:

Submitted by: Muhammad
► What continuing education courses have you taken in the past 2 years?
► Are you certified in any therapy program such as Hanen, Floortime, ABA, Lindamood Bell, etc?
► Do you regularly attend ASHA, and which courses do you typically go to?
► Tell me what you think the current events/issues are in speech-language pathology.
► How do you usually come up with goals/objectives for clients?
► Describe the steps you'd take to conduct an evaluation (both quantitative and qualitative).
► What do you see as your role in the Response to Intervention (RTI) process in a school system?
► How would you keep your caseload manageable?
► What do you see as your role in regard to reading/writing skills for elementary school students?
► What strategies do you use regularly for children with _______ (autism, social skills deficits, Down Syndrome, apraxia, feeding disorders, etc.)?
Submitted by: Muhammad

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