What is the detail boot process in Linux? Start form Pc on?

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Once system powered on, first thing will be POST check i.e
power on self test.

Then BIOS loads the MBR from the disk into RAM. Then, the
BIOS executes the MBR code. now boot loader list the number
of OS installed in to the system. select the OS wants to be
boot once OS selected initial RAM disk (temporary root file
system) are loaded into memory. When the images are loaded,
the boot loader passes control to the kernel image and the
kernel is decompressed and initialized.At this stage, the
boot loader checks the system hardware, enumerates the
attached hardware devices, mounts the root device, and then
loads the necessary kernel modules. When complete, the first
user-space program (init /sbin/init) starts, which will
looks file /etc/inittab to find the which runlevel kernel
will be boot then it will be check /etc/rc?.d (? means
runlevel got from inittab file)and check every script which
starts with name S will start in to that level once
completed, initrd(temporary root file system) will be
unmounted and mount the physical filesystem and loads the
main kernel then login prompt will be available.
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