Which SDLC model should we select to develop a payroll system for an organisation with employee strength 1000?
here every employee gets salary based on designation, experience and qualification.If possible please tell
1. funcional and non functional requirements
2. schedule for project completion. draw gantt and pert chart
3. estimate cost of project
4. complete SRS development
5. test plan document development

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The waterfall model seems an ideal choice here. No other
model seems a reasonable alternative to accept as a
different answer.
1. The company is large and bureaucratic, requiring
documentation and good
project visibility. Waterfall documentation satisfies this.
2. The company has a high staff turnover. So probably many
employees are
new and inexperienced. Waterfall works well with
inexperienced staff.
3. The application type is well known to the company, so a
thorough user
requirements analysis should be possible early on.
4. An existing application is to be re-engineered. This also
confirms that the
user requirements are known early. They could be extracted
from the existing application.
5. The company will maintain the software, so good
documentation will be essential.
6. The company has a good reputation to maintain in this
area, so quality control will be essential. Waterfall
emphasis of requirements-before-design and
design-before-coding will emphasise quality.
Waterfall has no obvious weaknesses on this project.
1. We may end up swimming upstream, but the chances seem
minimal since the requirements should be clear from the start.
2. Late arrival of code may be one, but on the other hand
our client may be able to continue using the existing
application until the new system arrives.

Solution 1 (b) : Functional and Non-Functional requirements
Interface Requirement, This section defines the parameters
that the software product must follow while interacting with
the outside world.
User Interfaces :
1. Login Screen
2. Menu selection Screen
3.Employee Salary Details
4.Employee Loan Details
5.Employee Leave Details
6.Employee Tax Details
7.Generate Salary Slip
8.Employee Bank Details
Hardware Interfaces Server Configuration: Minimum 2GB Hard
Disk P-III processor or equivalent Ram 512 MB Windows with
Apache preloaded.Client Configuration: A terminal with
Internet Explorer and Printer.
Software Interfaces Operating system -
WindowsXP/2000Language -- JSPDatabase -
OracleNetwork -- LAN Communications Interfaces
Communications interfaces can be provided through email,web
browser, network server communications protocols, electronic
forms, and so on. For this we can use communication
standards such as FTP or HTTP to provide security using
encryption algorithms and synchronization mechanisms
Functional Requirements:
This section analyzes various angles of the functionality to
be developed. You do not need to use each type of analysis
for the entire system. Select only those analyses that best
allow you to complete your understanding of the
requirements. Feature Analysis The Automated Payroll
Processing system consists of following modules.Admin : In
this module admin is provided with many services such as
assigning roles, Add new employee, Update Salary Details,
Update Loan Details, Update Leave Details, Update Tax
Details, Generate Salary Slip, View employee
account.Employee: In this module employee is provided with
the services such as Update personal profile, Change
Password, View earnings, View Deductions, View Salary Slip.
Nonfunctional Requirements:
Performance Requirements System can withstand even though
many number of users requested the desired service. As we
are keeping office level server of the automated payroll
system. And access is given to the only registered users of
office who requires the services of viewing, Updating etc.
It can withstand the load Safety & Reliability Requirements
By incorporating a robust and proven SQL into the system,
reliable performance and integrity of data is ensured. There
must be a power backup for server system.
Security Requirements
Sensitive data is protected from unwanted access by users
appropriate technology and implementing strict user- access
criteria. Software Quality Attributes Menu-driven programs
with user friendly interface with simply hyper links. It is
very easy to use. Backup mechanisms are considered for
maintainability of software as well as database. As it is
object oriented reusability exists. As project is based on
MVC architecture, testability exists.
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