1. What about your character makes you a good candidate for this job?

I am a reliable and fast worker. I maintain focused in Rush Points.

2. Do you work well under rush hours?

I'm the kind of person who stays calm under pressure, and handles stress fairly easily.

3. How did you fill downtime at your last job?

Cleaning,Filling up and prepping for future orders, you never know when a rush point will come in, You have to be filled and prepared for multiple orders.

4. What are your weakness as Cooking chef?

Im a very talkative person , probably if there was less movement in the kitchen i would commence talking lol. Aside from that im not very good filleting fish , but it depends on the fish really.

5. Can You Handle Being Short-Staffed During a Rush?

If you work as a line cook for any restaurant, you will inevitably be forced to deal with a rush of customers all at once. This typically occurs during common mealtimes-breakfast, lunch and supper. As if the rush itself was not crazy enough, you may be required to handle it while you are short-staffed. Your potential employer will want to know how you will perform during a stressful situation. "I will do my best to follow the guidelines and prepare each order to perfection. I am working to hone my multitasking skills so that I can handle the needs of the restaurant during a rush, even if I have little to no help." This answer shows your employer that you will not crumble under stress.

6. Why did you choose this profession as Line Cooks?

Food is my passion and I enjoy experimenting with different flavors.

7. Tell us of some of the duties that you performed every day?

(This question is aimed at finding out how much you know about your work and what experience you have had previously. Be precise but make sure that you provide information of important tasks.)

Station set up, food preparation, stocking, cleaning and some amount of cooking are some of the duties that I performed on a daily basis.

8. How Would You Handle Complaints about Your Food?

No matter how skilled you are, there will always come a time when a customer will be dissatisfied with something you have prepared. Whether or not you feel that you made an error, the customer is always right. You should answer with "I would listen very carefully to the complaint and resolve the issue by anticipating the needs of the customer. I may ask questions to discover the nature of the complaint and take the proper steps to ensure that the error does not occur a second time." No matter how serious or slight the issue, there is always something to be learned. Your interviewer will want to make sure that you will not take small complaints too seriously or more complex complaints too lightly.

9. Share a major achievement you have made as a line cook previously?

I contributed a special sauce recipe to serve with the restaurant's most famous Crisp Fried Fish and it was included in the menu. I also initiated and implemented high quality safe and hygienic work station practices at the restaurant which were highly commended by the sous chef

10. Can You Handle Working with a Coworker You Are Not Fond Of?

Regardless of where or in which setting you work, there will sometimes be an individual with whom you clash. Perhaps you do not see eye to eye or you use different techniques to accomplish the same tasks. In any case, you will need to show your employer that you can handle working with that individual in a professional setting. "My personal feelings about a coworker will not affect my ability to produce high quality food for customers. There is always some sort of resolution that can be reached, and I would work toward that." This shows your interviewer that you are willing to go to great lengths to ensure that the quality of the restaurant will not be affected by your dislike for another employee.

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