1. How do you manage to take on simultaneous tasks as is the nature of any hospitality job?

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2. How would you calm down a particularly irate customer?

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3. Tell me how would you handle an altercation between two team members?

I always make it a point to listen to both sides of the story before making a decision of what is right and what isn't. I try not to let an altercation affect their work or have a negative effect on guests to whom we have to show a united front.

4. Tell me what do you find rewarding working as a housekeeping supervisor?

There are many aspects that are rewarding about this job. Knowing that your supervision is responsible for guest satisfaction is a great feeling. Also, training others to perform excellently in a team environment and seeing them obtain praise from guests is quite rewarding.

5. Explain how would you calm down a particularly irate customer?

I do not believe in arguing - so I will listen to what he or she has to say first without interrupting. When I know for sure what is bothering him or her, I will try to look for a solution that satisfies the customer and is also within the policies and procedures of my place of work

6. Tell us what is your prime chemical safety concern in your job?

Chemical safety is of the utmost importance for a person working in a housekeeping position. It is important for them to understand the portions in which chemicals need to be mixed and their safe use. This is for both their own safety and that of the guests. My prime concern is that housekeeping personnel should be trained in mixing and using hazardous materials properly and this is the areas where my training is focused on.

7. Explain how do you handle a client who is angry or upset and dissatisfied by your work?

If a client is not happy with my work I apologize and then work on improving my services. I always try my best to understand the client's housekeeping requirements fully and to deliver high standard housekeeping and clients are generally happy with my work.

8. Tell me how would you react if you see misconduct or inappropriate behavior in a fellow worker?

I will report it immediately to supervisor since I would not want the facility or the management to suffer due to an employee's indiscretion.

9. Tell me how do you react if you are asked to perform tasks that are not in your job description?

I am a helpful person, and generally gladly fill in for my colleagues. However if I am continuously asked to perform tasks that are not part of my duty I discuss the matter openly and politely with my supervisor.

10. Explain what measures have you taken to update your knowledge of working as a housekeeping supervisor in the last year?

I have been actively involved in trainings pertaining to leading teams of housekeeping personnel. The basic idea behind my involvement in these trainings is to understand conflict management between workers and to downplay the effects in front of guests.

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