1. Please explain what do you like to do outside of work?

Many employers believe that people who are passionate about interests outside the office typically perform better on the job. Hiring managers want to know what drives you – whether it's mentoring kids or making cootie catchers. Who knows, maybe you'll have a hobby or interest in common.

2. Explain me what tech tools do you use on a daily basis?

This interview question demonstrates your willingness to stay sharp. Are you up on the latest technologies? Hiring managers are looking to gauge how strategically you approach your work as well as whether the company can support your equipment needs.

3. Please explain what would you do if a project was late?

Ask everyone on board to be all hands on deck. If still not possible to meet deadline call client and express the ideas for managing the outcome of the late project.

4. What was your greatest accomplishment as an art director?

My greatest accomplishment was being able to work well with my team. This does not necessarily mean that we have the same ideals, but we all are compatible with each other and are open-minded and respect each others artistic styles.

5. Explain how to become an Art Director in film?

To become an art director in film

☛ Learn classes in interior design, architectural design and computer aided drafting
☛ Work as a volunteer in a local theatre or on student's film
☛ Work as a junior or assistant director with an experienced art director
☛ Keep yourself updated with new technologies and software like CAD.

6. How would you handle a staff member, who was clearly under performing?

Take them out of the office environment and have a chat about what is that excites them out of work. Listen to any issues they may be struggling with at work. Maybe find a way delegate work more suited to their creative interests. Perhaps take a look at company culture to see if people are overworked and create a fun field trip to reset morale.

7. Explain me have you ever had to fire anyone? How did you feel about that?

I've never fired anyone before. Everyone was easy and great to work with and we all respect and understood each other.

8. Tell me the role of a copywriter?

Copywriter is a commercial author who writes copy for brochures, annual reports, adverts or other marketing materials. Copywriter either work as a freelancer or work inside the larger advertising agencies.

9. Explain the most creative work related project you completed?

My team and I not only got to design the background and props for a new film, but we were also able to contribute to the film's storyboard.

10. Tell me what should an art director must do to make his content more appealing?

☛ Make your words pops
☛ Interpret the text for a visual culture
☛ Convey the message more with a picture and less with words
☛ Find editors, contributors, other brand and look into their work

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