1. Tell me how long have you been painting, and what made you start?

I've been painting now for more than 10 years, but have only gotten serious about it since 2006. What made me start? Hmm. I can't exactly recall, but it may have been something as simple as coming across an art store and saying to myself, ‘let's get some supplies and give painting a shot.'

2. Tell us when you arrive for a single room repaint, what is the order of operations?

The order of operation that use to repaint a single room is what tools I will need, the color, and how much time I will need to repaint the room.

3. Explain me how do you ensure that the finishing of your work is neatly done?

One of the very important things that one needs to do before beginning a paint job is to fill holes and crack with putty or plaster. By compounding surfaces, one increases the chances of the end result being flawless.

4. Tell me do you have your own car to get to and from work?

I do have my own car to get to and from work. I also have a work car just in case one car brakes I know I have a extra car for work.

5. Explain me what is the shortcut to paint without taping?

Many found taping a tedious job; you can still do your painting without using tape. First paint the ceiling and trim without using tape, and then use an edger to make a clean paint perimeter over the trim and below the ceiling, finish it by painting the walls.

6. Tell me what is your shade making expertise?

I own a color mixing machine – my best investment so far. The computerized color mixing machine takes in a sample of any shade that the customer wants and mixes other colors to create it. Quite handy!

7. Tell me how familiar are you with this market? Any experience painting here?

Recently, I am embarked on an adventure motivated by a close family bonds and a scene of responsibility. I am no familiar with this market but I now the business.

8. Tell me some of the extra accessories you can use for perfect painting?

☛ Can Claw: It helps to hold on the can without interfering you painting job
☛ Edge Painter: It is used to paint the edges surrounding windows and ceiling walls without touching it
☛ Door hinge Mask: It would protect your door hinges from coloring
☛ Elite window brush: This pointed brush are specially designed to paint windows
☛ Twist and Reach pole: This tool comes with an extender and you do not need ladder or step stool if you are using this tool
☛ Mini koter long handle roller: This tool is compact and it can pass through the narrow spaces, for example, it can color the space behind the heater, cabinets and freestanding tubs
☛ Foam corner roller: This tool is very useful to paint the corner of the walls
☛ Glass Mask: Glass mask could be very handy to cover the glass while painting where
The other tools that can be useful are carbide paint scrapers, pipe painter and tools extension brush holder.

9. Tell me where do you see yourself as a painter in 10 years?

I‘ve improved a lot in the last couple years, and I'd like to think that I'll continue in that vein. Getting rich and famous is a bit of a lofty dream I think, but it's nice to contemplate a future where my work will continue to gain recognition.

10. Tell me what do you know about pre-painting duties of a painter?

A painter is not only required to paint surfaces. It is also the job of a painter to prepare surfaces by performing activities such as clearing areas and removing fixtures and electric switch covers.

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