1. What do you dislike about dancing?

I would say the constant traveling can be grueling. And sometimes when I end up teaching discipline and rules instead of dance. I feel that this is the responsibility of the parents/guardians, so it can be frustrating as a few students make it difficult for the full class. With that said, my motto is: “A good teacher teaches what they want. A great teacher teaches what is necessary.”

2. Please explain what do you like about what you do?

Just to say out loud “I dance for a living” is awesome. Also, with teaching and creating projects, it is amazing to see people achieve what they want and enjoy the sense of movement. I would not be at peace with my life if dance did not exist in it. To create this for others is the most satisfying.

3. Tell us how did you get started?

My mom taught dance when I was young and she put me in class to keep me occupied. I was a very hyper kid and tap dancing was the one art form that I gravitated towards that challenged me and taught me focus.

4. Tell us what do you do for a living?

I am a professional dancer/choreographer and teacher. I also run my own corporation titled 3D Dance Network, INC. which produces and creates opportunities for dancers.

5. Tell me aren't Dance Lessons Are Really Expensive There?

This is the best ballroom dance school in the world, and you will keep this skill forever. Something that will last that long is an investment worth making.

6. Explain what does your work entail?

Teaching all ages in usually tap, musical theater, jazz and hip hop. Also, with running my own corporation, I also need to manage finances and organize details for traveling and shows.

7. Tell me how much money did/do you make starting out as a Choreographer?

You usually can get paid $1000 for the day with film or TV or stage show. If you are choreographing in a studio for recital or competition group, you could start anywhere from $350-$500 for the routine, depending on the size of the routine. Sometimes, if you visit or see the students numerous times, you might get paid your hourly rate, which can add up more over time.

8. Explain a successful training session?

A successful training session for me is when I give all I can in the gym, having this feeling of accomplishment, making sure to hit the part of my body that I worked out for that session, feeling the blood flow all over that particular part.

9. Tell me aren't You A Little Old To Do Something Like That?

Ballroom and Latin dancing can be done socially or competitively at any age. Just like music, it's only the rare exception that begins as a toddler and continues into adulthood. The overwhelming majority of students start as adults and enjoy the hobby for a lifetime.

10. Tell us how much money do Choreographers make?

This can range from $400-$20,000 for the day. Depends on your resume, and type of job. A lot of times, you are compensated not just for the time on set or in the studio, but for all the preparation time and direction of concept.

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