1. Tell me is there any scientific basis for Palmistry?

Palmistry has a scientific basis because the enormous number of nerves present in our hands are connected to the brain. Whether we made ourselves and evolved this way, or someone made us, the truth is that the hand is a gift. Our bodies are so perfectly made so why is it difficult to believe that there is a fail safe? An alarm system?

2. Tell me what is it like being a hand reader? Are you still learning?

As a palm reader, people are going to think you are a bit odd. And it has to be said it is a bit of an odd thing to do with your time. But it is enormously rewarding, and you don't stop learning. I'm certainly learning still. And I must say it has changed over the years. Even since the time I've been learning it has changed.

3. Tell me how accurate is Palmistry?

Palmistry is fairly accurate, but cannot be precise in terms of dates. Predictions are more about trends. It is a good indicator of your personality and your life purpose.

4. What is attitude or Habit Reforming in Palmistry?

Are you trying to reform a negative attitude or a bad habit? By having your handprints taken periodically, you can follow your improvement.

5. Tell me can palmistry predict my future?

Although the fingerprints never change, the palmar lines and markings change throughout life. If our future was all mapped out for us, surely the lines would stay the same. When looking at a hand, we see the person as they are NOW, bringing their past with them and sowing seeds for the future. Although many palmists do make predictions, any prediction from the hand is only potential. Most prediction is based on the direction you are going in now. It is not set in stone - we all have free will to make choices and changes in our lives, that will affect our future and alter our "fate", and our lines will change accordingly.

6. What is depression in Palmistry?

Are you depressed? You need to find your inner light and bring your talents to bear. Palmistry will help reveal what these talents are.

7. Can my hand tell me when I will die?

Death cannot be seen on the hand, not even on the Lifeline. Death can occur anytime, but this cannot be predicted by the hand.

8. Do you know what is the custom drawing?

Your hand-crafted bespoke drawing focuses on personal affirmations and your focus themes for the next 6-12 months. The artwork can be part of your vision-board, for meditation, or as a touchstone for your goals.

9. What is children in Palmistry?

Do you want the best for your child? An analysis of your child's hands will reveal tendencies which you can then encourage by proper education, training and support.

10. Tell me how many children or marriages I will have?

This is the palmistry question that I get asked more than any other!
The origin of the child lines and 'marriage' lines (also known as 'lines of union', 'affection', 'attachment' or 'relationship' lines) goes back to palmistry manuscripts dating from the fifteenth century and are well known in traditional palm reading and have long been used in fortune telling or chiromancy. These lines are located on the ulna or percussion edge of the hand, on the Mercury mount, underneath the little finger.

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