1. Tell me what are your strengths and weaknesses as Editor?

Talk about strengths that will be useful in the job and about weaknesses that are irrelevant to the job. But I'd advise against say you're too hardworking, for example, as a weakness, as it just sounds creepy.

2. Tell me can you work under pressure?

Give an example. This shows that you can work to deadlines.

3. What do you dislike as Editor?

I can't say I dislike anything, but my least favorite part is the administrative work. I hate paperwork with a passion. And meetings. If it becomes monotonous, I don't enjoy it.

4. Tell me where do you see yourself in five years as Editor?

Again this is about researching the job and knowing the career structure. You have to be realistic, so avoid saying you expect to be the managing director as this just sounds arrogant.

5. Explain me what do you know about our company?

I do not know more than that but what I can say is that the crossword puzzles are much harder when compared to the other leading newspapers.

6. Tell me how do you follow major news stories?

This gives you a a chance to demonstrate your awareness of television and radio news and of current affairs programmes.

7. Explain me what books/magazines/newspapers do you enjoy reading?

I enjoy reading my Toastmasters magazines for inspiration and newspapers so that I can know what is happening in the country.

8. Tell me what do you think of the state of British journalism?

This offers you an opportunity to demonstrate your knowledge of the industry, touch on the importance of freedom of the press etc.

9. Tell us what is most challenging about what you do?

The whole thing is challenging. You have to look out for the overall future of the newspaper, how it is perceived in the community, you have to look out for your staff. But the most challenging is getting people to reach their potential.

10. Tell me what is your greatest achievement as Editor?

Make it relevant to the job. Identify the skills they are looking for and match them to the achievement. There's no point saying it was spending the night up a mountain in Wales with three friends if you don't say how that experience is going to help you do the job.

Before the interview sit down with a pen and paper and jot down your achievements and their relevance to the job.

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