1. Some of ECDL sample questions on Basic Concepts of Information Technology:

1. Explain the difference between RAM and ROM.
2. Explain the advantages of using e-mail
3. Explain the term World Wide Web
4. List the advantages and disadvantages of CBT (Computer Based Training) as opposed to instructor led training
5. Explain why data should be backed up?
6. Describe the methods of backing up data.

2. What does GUI stand for?

1. General Utilities Intervention
2. Graphical User Interface
3. General User Intervention
4. Graphical Utilities Interface

3. Which of the following is NOT an input device?

1. Monitor
2. Mouse
3. Keyboard
4. Scanner

4. Which software application would you use to create a report?

1. Excel
2. Powerpoint
3. Word
4. Publisher

5. Which of the following software manages the files and folders on your computers hard disk drive?

1. Applications software
2. Anti-virus software
3. Systems software
4. Utilities software

6. Which is the MAIN advantage of using a network system in the office?

1. Allows sharing of data
2. Regular backups
3. Costs are reduced
4. Office procedures can be automated

7. In the home, which of the following would you use the internet for?

1. Storing friends and family names and addresses
2. Researching information for homework
3. Storing your files
4. Re-booting your computer

8. Which of the following would you use to find information on the internet?

1. Email
2. Word Processor
3. Search Engine
4. Photo Editor

9. Which is a use of e-commerce on the internet?

1. Checking flight availability
2. Searching for a suitable holiday
3. Researching holiday destinations
4. Booking a holiday