1. What is the difference between optical zoom, digital zoom and smart zoom?

optical zoom makes by lens over lens and digitalzoom act on lens with electronic component and power of chips

2. How does a basic rubber ink filler work?

first we press the ink filler it takes out the air. then we
release the filler there is some vaccum is created. so ink
is filled that vaccum space.

3. What is the proper definition of LIGHT?

light is a energy source that is used to see objects
clearer and easier to read and one example of the defanton
of light is if you turn on a flashlight in a dark room or a
lamp in a dark room or a fire in a cave or in a house.


metal surface ,bcoz metal is agood conductor of heat

7. Graph between frequency of photon and velocity of photo electron?

photon energy proportional to frequency
is given to electron as kinetic energy
which is proportional to square of velocity
graph will be parabolic

8. Name of the ten satellite launched from India and year of launch?

1. Aryabhata(1975)
2. Bhaskara-I(1979)
3. Bhaskara-II(1981)
4. APPLE(1981)
5. Rohini(1980)
6. IRS(1980)
7. INSAT(1982)
8. INSAT-2B(1993)
9. INSAT-2C(1995)

9. What is the meaning of ‘steady state' in the context of transmission of heat?

It refers to heat flowing(transmitted) at a constant rate.