1. Why can not we think out of this universe?

The universe, by definition, contains everything that
exists. How can you, then, think out of the universe??
Jokes apart, whenever we think about something, we think
in terms of time and space, both of which are not defined outside
the Universe,and even cannot be defined outside the Universe. So
it is not possible to think anything outside this universe.


Briefly because of the law of consevation of angular
momentum of the bicycle wheels. When ridig bicycle, we
transfer our weight continuously on both side of the bicycle
at a rapid speed. This produces a dynamic equillibrium which
prevents gravity to distort the balance of the bicycle.

When its not in motion, there is no question of conserving
any momentum, and it falls merely under the force of gravity.

4. Alluvail fans are desites left by what?

aaluvial fans are formed when the river falls down a highre
altitude.thus,all the debreies it carring withitself like
stones ,pebbles,etc it deposites at the foot hill,forming a
aaluvial fan.

5. What is Geo-Synchronous Point, and its specialty?

geo-synchronous orbit is an orbit in which satellites
rotate along with earth i.e. they are stationary with
respect to earth. But I have never gone through a geo-
synchronous point. it might be any point of reference in
that orbit

6. For creation of light energy what the inputs are required, how the light energy is created?

the energy can neither be created nor destoryed but one
form of energy can be converted into another form. so the
electrical energy is required to produce light energy, not
only electrical energy other energies like mechanical
energy will produce light energy by friction. etc.,

7. Is chnook wind local wind or sesonal wind?

Chinook(which means "snow eater") is a warm, dry local wind
that descendsthe eastern slopes of the Rocky Mountains of
North America and is welcomed as it helps to raise the air
temperature in the valleys.

8. Tell me how computer use for communication?

Computers are so famous because of there networking. Internet
is the biggest network in world connected by billions of
computers. Computers have Port likes Ethernet which can be
used to configure LAN (IEEE 802.3)in industry,Universities.
Ports like USB have tier topology. Also some computers
support serial ,parallel ports which can be also used in
networking by using MODEM

9. A cricket ball and a football are dropped simultaneously from the top of Qutub Minar.
Which of the following best describes their subsequent behaviour?

The cricket ball reaches before the football. It iis
analoges to Gallelio experiment, but enviornmental
conditions effect the experiment.

10. Which velocity is used to convert time section to depth section?

#1 you must include Planck's constant = 6.626068 × 10-34 m2
kg/s x P1 divided/ sqrt of 3 for the correct answer.

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