1. Explain what is Coverage status?

Percentage of testing covered at a given time is known as Coverage status. It helps in tracking project status.

2. Tell me how can we save the tests executed in Test Lab?

They saved automatically when the users clicks on "END RUN" in the Test Lab.

3. Do you know how to use QTP as an automation tool in Quality Center?

Using QTP add-in in Quality Center we can use QTP as an automation tool.

4. Explain what are the interfaces of Quality center?

The interfaces of QC are:

Site Admin
Quality Center

5. Explain what is use of Test Instance?

Test instance is required to run the test case in the lab. We can't directly test case in the lab, instead we need to run test instance of that test case.

6. Tell me what is the difference between Quality Center and Bugzilla?

Quality Center is a test management tool which supports various phases of software development life cycle whereas BugZilla is Defect Management tool only.

7. Explain what are the components of Dashboard Analysis?

The dashboard analysis has two components.

Analysis View which contain analysis tree.
Dashboard View which contains dashboard tree.

8. Explain what is assessment requirement?

Assessment requirement represents requirements that are children of analysis requirement and at lower level in tree hierarchy.

9. Tell me what is the difference between Test Director and Quality Center?

Quality center is the advanced version of Test Director. It has more features than Test Director.

10. Explain what is Risk Category?

We determine the risk category for each assessment requirement under the analysis requirement, It has two factors:

Business Criticality
Failure Probability.

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