2. What is a QCP?

QCP (QUALITY CONTROL PROCEDURE) is a procedures that complements the ITP, by providing information that cannot practically be included in the ITP , but is necessary in order to perform control inspection and test .

3. Tell me what is quality audit?

The systematic and independent examination for determining the quality of activities is known as quality audit. It allows the cross check for the planned arrangements, whether they are properly implemented or not.

4. Do you know what is loop check?

To ensure that the system wiring from field to control console functioning fine.

5. Do you know what is Assurance?

Assurance is provided by organization management, it means giving a positive declaration on a product which obtains confidence for the outcome. It gives a security that the product will work without any glitches as per the expectations or requests.

6. What is a Project Specification?

A project specification specifies the minimum requirements according to the design and relevant international codes and standards.

7. Do you know what is Quality?

Quality is meeting the requirement, expectation and needs of the customer being free from defects, lacks and substantial variants. There are standards needs to follow to satisfy the customer requirements.

8. Explain what is CRUD testing and how to test CRUD?

CRUD testing is another name for Black Box testing. CRUD stands for Create, Read, Update and Delete.

9. Explain us about your specific career goals with our organization?

I would like to learn a new and rewarding position.

10. Tell me what is the difference between build and release?

Build: It is a number given to Installable software that is given to testing team by the development team.

Release: It is a number given to Installable software that is handed over to customer by the tester or developer.

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