1. Tell me how you will define "Quality"?

Quality can be defined as the condition achieved when an item, service, or process meets or exceeds the user's requirements and expectations.

2. Tell me how do you determine the correct installation of flow orifice?

The orifice data (tag) shall be punched in the up stream of orifice , the data (tag) side shall be in the upstream of flow direction.

3. Do you know what is Bug triage?

A bug triage is a process to

☛ Ensure bug report completeness
☛ Assign and analyze the bug
☛ Assigning bug to proper bug owner
☛ Adjust bug severity properly
☛ Set appropriate bug priority

4. Explain what has been your greatest accomplishment?

Through years of working at very different careers, knowing that the quality department is where I belong and the happiest.

5. Why are you the best candidate for the job?

XX has a rep for quality, I want quality things in my life. My past positions has taught me the little things matter in very part of your work XX would want someone like me to watch over what they sell to others to ensure quality is not lost.

6. Explain what are QA/QC's ITP's and QCP? Give a brief?

ITP: This is procedure informs about the kinds of quality check (surveillance inspection witness or hold points) means quality of works is being done in proper sequences.

QCP: This is procedure addresses the activities and requirement in details.

7. Explain what is final RFI? When it shall be raised up?

When the QA/QC department of contractor is satisfied that the work detailed in the construction RFI is completed, then request shall be submitted for inspection to the client QA/QC department.

8. Tell me what are the required documents for a local loop folder?

Following are the required documents for a local loop folder:

☛ Loop package check list
☛ ILD (if not mechanical loop)
☛ Cable megger report (primary prior to pulling) if not mechanical loop
☛ Cable megger report (secondary after pulling) if not mechanical loop
☛ Alarm list ( if not mechanical loop)
☛ P&ID
☛ ISS/ISD (instrument specification sheet/instrument data sheet)
☛ Calibration record (TR)
☛ Pressure test record(TR) if required
☛ MC check record (local loop)(green color)
☛ MC punch list
☛ Visual check punch list/loop check punch list.

9. Explain what is the difference between the QA and software testing?

The role of QA (Quality Assurance) is to monitor the quality of the process to produce a quality of a product. While the software testing, is the process of ensuring the final product and check the functionality of final product and to see whether the final product meets the user's requirement.

10. Do you know what is Agile testing and what is the importance of Agile testing?

Agile testing is software testing, which involves the testing of the software from the customer point of view. The importance of this testing is that, unlike normal testing process, this testing does not wait for development team to complete the coding first and then doing testing. The coding and testing both goes simultaneously. It requires continuous customer interaction.

It works on SDLC ( Systems Development Life Cycle) methodologies, it means that the task is divided into different segments and compiled at the end of the task.

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11. Tell me what is a cause effect graph?

A cause effect graph is a graphical representation of inputs and the associated outputs effects that can be used to design test cases.

12. Do you know what is MR and what information does MR consists of?

MR stands for Modification Request also referred as Defect report, it is written for reporting errors/problems/suggestions in the software.

13. Explain how you will define quality engineering?

Quality Engineering is defined as "the branch of engineering which deals with the principles and practice of product and service quality assurance and quality control."

14. Explain the steps that you would take before implementing an important change on the job?

☛ 1) understand the job
☛ 2) Ask if something was not clear
☛ 3) follow procedure
☛ 4) make decision.

15. Explain how would your previous manager describe you?

Punctual, team player, someone who takes direction and can give direction, great person to work with. A professional and also a person who cares about the people she works with as well as the company meeting deadlines.

16. Explain what is the most challenging task you have faced as a Quality Control Inspector?

Rejecting works men when testing him ability to meet the customer requirement.

17. What is QA/QC?

QA/QC means Quality assurance/Quality control the purpose of this (QA/QC) is to establish the sequence of requirement for the quality of material quality of works its inspection and records.

18. Do you know what are inspection points for a cable tray installation?

Material check as per approved spec, size and type, trays hook-up, proper distance structure, tray to tray i.e. power/control/and signal/low voltage and high voltage , support fixed strongly not shaking.

19. What is what is schedule Q?

Schedule Q is an attachment to the contract, which is the provision of quality Assurance and control, Inspection and test plan.

20. Explain how would you describe (needed quality control systems manager or your) work style?

My work style matching exactlty what cashier job requires by: being careful about detail and thorough in completing work tasks, analyzing information and using logic to address work-related issues and problems, being reliable, responsible, and dependable, and fulfilling obligations, accepting criticism and dealing calmly and effectively with high stress situations, being honest and ethical.

21. Tell me what is data driven testing?

Data driven testing is an automation testing part, which tests the output or input values. These values are read directly from the data files. The data files may include csv files, excel files, data pools and many more. It is performed when the values are changing by the time.

22. Tell us what are the contents in test plans and test cases?

☛ Testing objectives
☛ Testing scope
☛ Testing the frame
☛ The environment
☛ Reason for testing
☛ The criteria for entrance and exit
☛ Deliverables
☛ Risk factors

23. Do you know what is Ad Hoc testing?

It is a testing phase where the tester tries to break the system by randomly trying the system's functionality. It can include negative testing as well.

24. Tell me what is the rule of a "Test Driven Development"?

The rule of a Test Driven Development is to prepare test cases before writing the actual code. Which means you are actually be writing code for the tests before you write code for the application.

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25. Explain how validation activities should be conducted?

Validation activities should be conducted by following techniques

☛ Hire third party independent verification and validation
☛ Assign internal staff members that are not involved in validation and verification activities
☛ Independent evaluation