1. What types of assets are focuses in IBM Maximo?

☛ Plant and production (for example oil, gas, chemicals, mining, manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, food, electronics and power generation)
☛ Infrastructure (including railways, highways, telecommunications, water and wastewater, and electric and gas distribution networks)
☛ Transportation (for military, airlines, trucking, shipping, rail and other use)
☛ Real estate and facilities (for example, in offices, schools and hospitals)

2. What is IBM Maximo Asset Management?

IBM Maximo Asset Management is an enterprise asset management (EAM) software solution product produced by IBM. It is a solution which is used to operate, maintain and dispose of enterprise assets.

3. How to defaulting to wrong priority number in Maximo?

Whenever a WO is input, as soon as the page is saved, the priority number defaults to #4. This is the first time in two years this issue has come up.

4. What you know about Inbound email integration?

Inbound email integration - TSRM can process inbound emails and automatically create or update tickets with the details. In the Bharti environment, a notes application has been provided to end users to enable them to create, update and query tickets with ease. This application generates an XML and sends it via email to TSRM.Based on the OLM id of the user, the mail is sent to one of 3 email ids, or . TSRM polls the mail boxes of these 3 ids periodically and processes the mails to create or query tickets.The details of the configuration is provided below.

5. Tell me how we can manage the user login Sessions in Maximo?

Procedure: Session Configuration

TSRM User session characteristics can be modified. This document describes the parameters that can be changed and how to change them

Dependency : None

Sesssion Configuration

The following two properties can be modified for user sessions in Maximo:

Session Timeout - This is the duration of inactivity after which a Maximo session will timeout. This is set to 10 minutes currently. The procedure to modify this is is described below:
Log in to the Maximo Admin Server (IP).via Remote Desktop
Open the file C:IBMSMPmaximoapplicationsmaximomaximouiwebwebmoduleWEB-INFweb.xml with an editor.
Search for the section shown below:

<!-- The session-timeout element defines the default session timeout
interval for all sessions created in this web application. The
specified timeout must be expressed in a whole number of minutes. -->

Update the value marked in red above to the number of minutes that the session timeout needs to be set to.
Save the file and close the editor
Build and deploy Maximo as described in the document T_SOP_TSRM_Maximo_Build.doc

Concurrent Sessions- This is the configuration parameter which defines whether a user is restricted to only one session or can open multiple sessions in TSRM. The procedure to modify this is described below:
Stop the WAS Servers as described in T_SOP_TSRM_WAS_Restart.doc
Connect to the Maximo database (IP)
Execute the following query : select * from MAXPROPVALUE where propname='mxe.enableConcurrentCheck'
If the value of the PROPVALUE field is 1, then a user can only have a single session on maximo. If it is 0, then the user can have multiple concurrent sessions on Maximo.
To update this value if required, execute the following SQL statement : UPDATE MAXPROPVALUE SET PROPVALUE='<1 for single session or 0 for multiple sessions>' WHERE PROPNAME='mxe.enableConcurrentCheck'
Start up the WAS Servers.

6. Tell me what is Outbound email integration?

Outbound email integration- TSRM uses SMTP for sending out emails.
The configuration element for this is mentioned below:
The System Property mail.smtp.host controls which smtp server TSRM uses for sending out mail. This is currently set to (IP) which is a Domino server running SMTP service
Troubleshooting tips- Points to check for troubleshooting email delivery
Check that the firewall ports are opened between TSRM and the SMTP server. The port used by SMTP is 25. This check can be performed by trying to telent to the smtp server on port 25 from both the WAS servers (IP)
Check the communication logs for the record in question to ensure that a mail was actually sent from TSRM.
Check for mail routing issues with the Notes team.

7. Tell me what is Email Integration?

This section provides and overview of Email integration with TSRM
Two types of integration have been configured:
☛ Outbound email - This allows TSRM to send various notifications via email
☛ Inbound email- This allows TSRM to automatically process inbound email to generate or query tickets for the reported problems

8. How to Import Workflow in Maximo 7.1?

Procedure Import Workflow in Maximo 7.1:
☛ Object structure, publish channel, Enterprise services can be duplicated from migration to make it used by integration process and if it is not in migration/Integration then follow the steps given below to create it manually
☛ Turn Admin mode to off before import.
☛ The sequential queue processes messages one at a time, in a first-in-first-out
Sequence and as we are using sequential queue the error files if generated should be cleared from error folder from mea-global directory
☛ Cron task set up- JMSQSEQCONSUMER make this cron task active for sequential queue
☛ Create MEA Global directory, if it does not exits. Give the details of this in System Properties & all End Points that will be used.
☛ Enable Message Tracking from select action menu for Enterprise Services created below
☛ Create End Point & External System only once as per steps given below & can be used multiple times.

9. What you know about start center in Maximo?

Start Center is nothing but a view of maximo when you login to it. Start center can be configured by the system admin according to the business needs. There can various tabs on start center. Maximo admin can include day to day task on it, or any message or any news in bulletin board. Your various tickets IN/SR can be shown on them. Short cuts to various applications required by the end user can also be provided on your start center. Start center can also be configured according to the security groups, i.e. different views for different person or according to the need and requirement of Business.

10. Do you know what is integration framework?

Integration Framework allows you to integrate maximo with other tools. It reduce your manual efforts.

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