1. I am computer science engg student in 5th semester. i have around 62% but did not cleared in single attempt but only in single supplementary exam i cleared them. but i have good knowledge on computer related topics. but i have a fear that i shall not get any job. please advise me about my future?

you are in 5th semester only. YOu have one more semster. So try to score more into your project and increase your percentage much more. Dont worry about not clearing in single attempt. If you make your percentage much more ot would compensate that. Also strengthen your aptitude, technical, communication skills and this would give your good career in a easier way.

2. I want to know the eligibility criteria to appear in campus interviews in MNC s like TCS, WIPRO, SATYAM, MIND TREE etc?

Here is the thought for your question..

Top MNC 's like Wipro, HCL,TCS conduct Campus interviews in reputed colleges and Universities.

They usually conduct the test for final year students. some of the companies allows third year studs to allow to attend the selection..

The following things they expecting from the students :

students should have 60% marks from 10th onwards.

Excellent communication skills.

no arrear papers in each semester.

Problem solving skills.

Hope this will help you to understanding the selection procedure..

3. How can a mechanical engineering fresher is more successful in IT Field?

As far as the freshers of any branch ,if they have good aptitude skill, communication skill,with some wide knoweldge in some of the programming languages and database concepts anyone could be successfull in entering into the IT filed.

4. My qualification is Msc(Chemistry)? Now i m Seeking Testing Tools? In this qualification any jobs in Testing?

With just your qualification of Msc(Chemistry) I would say getting job in testing side would be difficult. BUt Kishore you could get one provided you learn some testing tools and get certification in the same.

5. I did M.SC(comp). I had worked as lecturer in computer science for 3 years.Now i want to go on software side.But this experience will not consider. What should I do in order to go on software side?

As you said your expereince in teaching side would not be considered if you want to get into development side of software. There are two options for you. You could try in the training side of software where your teaching experience would be consdiered.If you want to enter only into development field of software I woul suggest you to improve your technical skills. After this get in touch with good consultants and give you resumes. You would soon get your entry in software field. All the Best.

6. Tell me what is the interview process of Syntel company?

written test, GD, tech.interview., with HR

8. I am studying computer science and engineering, II YEAR. I wish to join in ISRO. What I must do for it right from now?

ISRO graduate trainee exam - min 60 % eligibility, but they will shortlist only if u have good score( viz 75 - 80 %)...

pattern -> be strong in Mathematical aptitude, Engineering concepts(CSE)..(will be tough)..

9. Please inform me if there are any openings in any organizations. I am B.Sc(MPCs) fresher, just completed my manual testing in our institute. Waiting for good company. Please reply to this question friends bye take care?

If you have any queries in preparing resumes post it in the appropriate section in this website and get guidance from professonial experts. Then look for job oportunities in websites,ads,etc.. and apply for the job.

10. I am doing my M.C.A. I want to know which I.T companies are conducting Group Discussion in their recruitment process? Sir Plz kindly inform me the recruitment process of different companies (Like Which Phases we need to face, percentage cutoff)?

Group Discussion have become an integral part of recuritment procedure. Usually Group Discussion are conducted for those who get through written test. Written Test are generally called for those with consistent track record with cut-off average ranging from 60% to 70%.

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