1. Tell me what kind of a person are you Introvert or Extrovert?

Being totally introvert or extrovert is not right. You should be having a mixed behavior and behave as per the requirement of the situation. You can say something like- Sir, I behave according to the place and situation. Eg. Introvert personally and extrovert professionally.

2. Can you explain what are your hobbies?

This is a very tricky question, I repeat very tricky question. You should mention your hobbies in which you have deep knowledge. Like cricket or playing cricket, by mentioning cricket you have given a wide scope to the interviewer as he can ask any thing from cricket infact he can ask any year also. But by mentioning playing cricket you have reduced the scope. Another e.g. is Music and Listening Music. Mentioning reading as your hobby is very risky because if you have read some books and the interviewer has also read it then he can ask a lot of questions related to it. You should be very cautious about it.

3. Tell me where do you see yourself after 2 to 3 years from now?

The answer for this question varies from company to company and it depends on the hierarchy of the company. Your answer should be something like: Sir, initially I would be learning and knowing my work and company. In a year or after 1 year I expect from myself to be an expert in solving the issues on L1 level. And after that I would like to get a certification on the technology I am working. So within 2-3 yrs I expect myself to be a proficient engineer on L2 level.

4. Explain what is the mission of your life?

This is same as vision but the only difference is that mission is for short terms. Like when you were in class XII your mission was to get admission in a good Engineering College. It keeps changing with time.

5. Can you explain what is your Vision?

The answer for this question is to be decided by you. Before you start answering, you should understand the meaning of “vision”. Vision is a long term task/goal or long life commitment. Now this commitment can be with yourself, towards your society, wife, parents etc. e.g. I want to open an orphanage after finishing all family responsibilities.

6. Tell me do you have a girl friend/Wife?

Always speak the truth in your interview, never tell lies. Your views about her should not be orthodox and you should always be supporting and encouraging towards her.

7. Tell me what package you are looking for?

For freshers:
You are very lucky that you are sitting in an interview……you can't be demanding. Your answer should be, sir as per company policy whatever package would be offered I'll accept that. But this is a very casual answer.
Your answer should be something like: “Sir, as you know I am a fresher and the only thing I can expect at this point of time is that I should get a job in a prestigious company like yours. Of course every one works for money I would be expecting something which is sufficient to make my living in a city and I should be able to support my family a bit.

8. Can you explain what is your weakness or what are you afraid of?

Most appropriate answer would be something like - Sir, I can make a presentation in front of hundreds of people but whenever it came to sing a song in the class, I really shivered and I couldn't sing even a single line. Your weakness should be presented in such a manner that it doesn't seem to be your weakness.

9. Tell me if you get a better package than here what will you do accept that offer or reject that?

This question means a lot. HR people want that the hired person should serve the company for longer period. You can say something like: Sir, as you know I am a fresher and if I switch the jobs very quickly then it will be a question mark on my stability, which will affect my career. Above all, I have to learn and increase my technical knowledge as well. Money comes with knowledge. So, I am here to learn and provide my best to the company.

10. Suppose in a catastrophic situation like fire what you will do?

No heroic an answer is expected from you. They want to see how you would behave in such a situation. You can say something like - First, I would ensure my safety and then I will inform the fire department of company and city. If I am in a position of helping someone then I would definitely do that.

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