1. If you were a brand, which brand would you be and why?

Here is your chance to market yourself. You know what the interviewer is looking for as you will have done your homework so now is the time to pull out an example that shows you have it. This is also your opportunity to differentiate yourself from other candidates.

2. Which of our products/services most appeals to you and why?

For any marketing interview you must familiarize yourself with what the company does and it's successful products/services. This will allow you to identify its appeal and then describe how the marketing strategy has worked. An example might be Walker's crisps tasting nice and through the good marketing strategy are now also perceived as good fun which is obviously important when one of their biggest markets is children.

3. What are the most important values for you?

Ex are going the extra mile, honesty, teamwork, etc. to check if your values are aligned to their values

4. Tell me what are the biggest challenges of a marketing manager faces today?

Coming up with new and effective ways to market a product in such a tight economy is a tough challenge and these days customers have more power than ever. It is getting more difficult for marketing initiatives to effectively meet these new customer demands. Keep these and other factors in mind when tackling this question, relate your personal experience of the challenges you have encountered and discuss the creative ways in which you handled them.

5. What factors do consider most important when attempting to influence consumer behaviour?

When answering this question make sure to show how cultural, social, personal and psychological factors all impact consumer behavior. Provide an example of a marketing campaign or project you developed and how you used these four key factors to develop and optimize your project.

6. Suppose if a marketing campaign that did not work out as you had planned and how you handled the situation?

An interviewer will ask his question in order to assess how you handle a failed plan, as this is quite inevitable. It is important that you are able to recognize the key reasons why a strategy went wrong and what you learnt from the experience.
Campaigns may fail for many different reasons, including: poor research and groundwork, poor planning and follow-through of objectives and goals or ineffective communication. Be open about why the campaign failed, take accountability and focus on what you learnt.

7. Tell me what types of marketing campaigns you have run in the past?

Be specific when answering questions about your accomplishments with other companies. By simply stating, "I ran several online marketing campaigns" does not adequately show what you can do for the company.
Provide an example of a marketing campaign (either your own or someone else's) that you consider to have been very successful.
As mentioned above, marketing demands a lot in terms of creativity. When answering questions such as this, it is important to make sure you include as much creative thinking in your response as there was in the actual project. When discussing a campaign that you felt was successful, make sure to include why you feel it was a success, what contributed to making it a success and point out key tactics that you can identify with, which made the campaign successful.

8. How effectively you think you can work within budgetary constraints in Marketing Communication?

In times of economic strain, this question is most relevant for a marketing professional. As marketing is one of the most important functions within a company, when finances are tight a marketing budget, which may once have been limitless can be squeezed down to close to nothing. This is yet another area which will require a creative answer that also highlights your planning and ambition in terms of working under pressure.

9. Which type of vendors would need to deal with for Marcom activities?

The following are the type of vendors to deal with Marcom activities:
☛ Web designing company
☛ Creative agency
☛ Printing press vendor
☛ Advertising agency
☛ Public relation agency
☛ Digital media partners etc.

10. Tell me how to judge the effectiveness of Marcom activities?

☛ Reach
☛ Frequency
☛ Increase in sales
☛ Improving the company image
☛ Brand and advertising awareness
☛ Cost per thousand
☛ Change in market share etc.

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