1. Tell me what are your strengths?

Mentioning strengths for which you don't have examples will be useless. Go through these tips to ensure that you speak out the relevant strengths and have examples ready to support them.

List down your 5 major achievements.
Make a list of your achievements which you are proud of. It will be good to list down some achievements from recent past but listing down some things from long past also won't hurt
List down the personal qualities, skills, knowledge and attitude that were required to achieve it. Do it for each achievement.
Make a list of qualities appearing again and again in the list.
Select the top qualities. These are your strengths.
Match them vis a vis the qualities required for the role under discussion and put the relevant ones across.
Have examples ready for each strength.

2. Explain any awarded best member of the team?

Helpful, easily approachable, reliable, co-operative, team player, knowledge, good communication.

3. Tell me ever you promoted to Managerial level in 1 year?

Managerial skills, knowledge, communication, result oriented, approachable, team player, hard working, intelligent

4. Have you ever won the intra-house presentation competition?

Communication, presentation skills, confidence, Subject knowledge

5. Have you ever resolve an important issue with the client?

Problem solving, communication, confidence, subject knowledge, analysis, helpful, approachable, intelligent

6. Are you a university topper during your studies?

Subject Knowledge, hard working, intelligent, confident, written communication.