1. Please explain why Is The Project Called Mariadb?

The 'MySQL' name is trademarked by Oracle, and they have chosen to keep that trademark to themselves. The name MySQL (just like the MyISAM storage engine) comes from Monty's first daughter "My". MariaDB continues this tradition by being named after his younger daughter, Maria.

2. Tell me a tool that helps with replication integrity checking?

Percona's pt-table-checksum is the preventative tool to use
It can build checksums of all your tables, and then propagate those checksums through replication to the slave.

3. Do you know how To Change Innodb_page_size?

No need for a fresh install.

Just export your data, move or delete the system database (ibdata1) and the log files (ib_logfile0 & ib_logfile1), set innodb_page_size to either 4k or 8k, and restart MariaDB. A new XtraDB instance will be created with the smaller page size. Then you can import your data and run your tests.

4. Explain me how to create a table in MariaDB's database?

First, you have to create a database in MariaDB follows by selecting the database and then create a table by using CREATE TABLE statement.

CREATE TABLE table_name (column_name column_type);

5. Please explain what is the use of MariaDB DISTINCT clause?

MariaDB DISTINCT Clause is used to remove duplicates from the result when it is used with SELECT statement.

FROM tables
[WHERE conditions];

6. Tell us how to delete a database in MariaDB?

DROP DATABASE command is used to drop a database in MariaDB.

DROP DATABASE Database_name;

7. Tell us what is the usage of AVG() function in MariaDB database?

MariaDB AVG() function is used to retrieve the average value of an expression.

SELECT AVG(aggregate_expression)
FROM tables
[WHERE conditions];

8. Tell me what is JOIN? How many types of JOIN in MariaDB?

JOIN is used to retrieve data from two or more tables. By default JOIN is also called INNER JOIN. It is used with SELECT statement.

There are mainly two types of joins in MariaDB:

Again OUTER JOIN is divided in two types:

9. Do you know default Data Directory For Mariadb?

The data directory location is controlled by the datadir variable. Look at your /etc/mysql/my.cnf file to see where your installation of MariaDB is configured to store data. The default is /var/lib/mysql but it is often changed, like for example if you are using a RAID array.

10. Do you know how to use database in MariaDB?

USE DATABASE command is used to select and use a database in MariaDB.

USE database_name;

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