1. How to create a PostgreSQL user?

CREATE USER usr WITH password 'passwd';

2. How to take backup of database?

/usr/local/bin/pg_dump mydatabase > mydatabase.pgdump

4. How to created a database?

/usr/local/bin/createdb mydatabase

5. Explain about concurreny with the help of MVCC?

Multi version concurrency control is used to manage concurrency. This feature is very useful because changes made in the database will not be visible to other users until the transaction is completed. This removes the need for read locks. ACID principles are given a further boost by this feature and can be implemented in general.

6. Explain about string constants?

String constant contains a sequence of characters bound by single quotes. This feature is used during insertion of a character or passing character to database objects. PostgreSQL allows the usage of single quotes but embedded by a C style backslash. This feature is important in parsing data.

7. Explain about tokens?

Tokens are also known to contain several special character symbols. It can be considered as keyword, constant, identifier and quoted identifier. Keywords include pre defined SQL meanings and SQL commands. Variable names such as tables, columns, etc are represented by identifiers.

8. What are the various enhancements to the straight relational data model by PostgreSQL?

There are various enhancements provided to the straight relational data model by postgre SQl they are support for arrays which includes multiple values, inheritance, functions and extensibility. Jargon differs because of its object oriented nature where tables are called as classes.

9. How do you create a data base with postgreSQL?

Creating a database is the primary step in creating a database. A command
$createdb newdatabasedb
This creates a new database and a message displays CREATE DATABASE which indicates that the creation of the database was successful.

10. Explain about pgadmin?

Pgadmin forms a graphical front end administration tool. This feature is available under free software released under Artistic License. Pgadmin iii is the new database administration tool released under artistic license.

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