2. Explain what are the features of Clipper VO?

There is no Clipper VO; CA Visual Objects is an object oriented Clipper super-set that runs under Windows and creates Windows executables.

4. Tell me what is the database on which Clipper is a based?

Clipper is a technique. This techniques used for data format converting into other format, because no one can hack or misue it. So convert the text into other format for transformation on the internet.

5. Explain what is the format used for real numbers by Clipper?

Clipper uses binary floating point format for Real Numbers which could result in precision related errors.

6. How easy is NetLib to use?

Most tasks can be accomplished with one or two lines of code. For more complex tasks (such as processing login scripts), we provide source code "snippets" which you can include in your application.

7. Who is Communication Horizons?

In a business where companies and products seemingly come and go every month, Communication Horizons has been a fixture on the PC software landscape since 1986. Their flagship product, NetLib, was introduced in 1986, and has won either "best of" or "honorable mention" in the DataBased Advisor Readers Choice Awards every year since 1989.

RaSQL, introduced in 1989, has almost single-handedly raised the awareness in the "Xbase" community to the benefits of Btrieve. Between the two, Communication Horizons' products have been used by tens of thousands of developers worldwide.

8. What versions of Clipper does NetLib support?

NetLib supports Clipper 87 through 5.3.

9. Does NetLib support Windows 95?

NetLib 6.5 will allow you to use FiveWin or Clip4Win to create Windows 3.1 compatible products. These programs can run unchanged under Windows 95.

10. Is it possible to break NetLibs encryption?

NetLib's SDE was designed to be a moderately secure scheme to keep unauthorized users and programmers from accessing data. It was not designed to foil the skilled, dedicated hacker. If you have data of an extremely sensitive nature that you believe certain people are actively trying to compromise, you should look at an extremely secure scheme such as "DES" or "PGP" encryption.

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