1. Tell us About Creating A Report Tool By Using The Report Tool And Report Wizard?

Report tool creates a report very fast because it will not ask you for much information for creating your report. it displays the entire field but it may not be the polished data source you are opting for. Report wizard allows you to create a table by giving you options on what to appear and what not to appear You can specify the relations, grouping and sorting between the tables.

2. Tell us how Do You Import Data From Another Access Database?

The process of importing data from another Access database follows these general steps they are

☛ Preparing the document for import operation and make sure that extensions are not in .mde or .accde because in that extension you can import only tables.
☛ Source should be closed automatically when the process is completed
☛ Make sure that you have permission for read and write.

3. Explain me what would you use the recordsetclone object of the form for?

To find records, perform math calculations, (the total for a certain dollar figure based on a complex criteria for example), etc. In other words, it represents all the data your form has access to in your code.

4. Tell us what does "Application-defined or object-defined error" mean?

This error has occurred in some labs at DMU Leicester, when students are trying to use the Documenter.

It probably means that the Access installation is incorrect.

5. Tell me About How You Can Import A Sharepoint List?

Importing a sharepoint list to an access database gives you a range of flexible convenient options first a copy is made into the access database after which you can specify the lists which you would like to copy. Also you have an option to copy an entire list or only a specific file. Also import operation creates a table in access which copies the entire fields and records specified into the Access.

6. Tell me About The Protection Features Present In Ms Access?

If a programmer doesn't wish to make changes to the document he can lock the document data and its code from further changes by changing the extension of the file system to .MDE. Changes can be made only to the file with an extension MDE. Tools are available in the market which can unlock and decompile the code but some changes to VBA or VB scripts are irreversible.

7. Tell us how Do You Add A Developer To A Trusted Publishers List?

Whenever a developer is signing into the code project you will have three options they are disable the macro, enable the macro and explicitly trusting the publisher. You can trust the publisher by allowing from the control panel of the windows. Always have an option left to enable or disable the macros because sensitive information regarding your code can be leaked out within fraction of seconds.

8. Tell me About Relationships And Look Up Fields?

Relationships are imported from the source to destination without any hindrance but once they land in the destination they can never be altered or changed and change of extensions cannot be of much help.

Lookup fields: -Make sure that you link tables, links, etc if you want to display look up values and not look up ids. Related table should be linked to the destination field for display of lookup values.

9. Can you state Some Of The Uses Of Ms Access?

MS Access provides a huge range of functions some of them are

☛ It is used by small business, departments of large corporations, and by amateurs to create applications on their desktop for data applications.
☛ Access is very useful for small web based database applications hosted on IIS and using ASP.NET pages.
☛ It can be used as a RAD for building prototype and Stand alone applications.
☛ Access can be used as a frontend while the backend can be a ODI3C compliant product.

10. Tell me the form collection represents all forms in a database. (True or False)?

False, it only represents open forms in the database. If you have 20 forms in your database and only 3 are open, the expression Forms.Count will return only 3.

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