1. Tell me some test cases on mobile features testing and feature interaction testing?

Their are so many mobile core applications Few TCs for
feature interaction could be like
1.To able to receive calls while browsing in contacts.
2.To be able to attach photos in messages from gallery
3.To be able to receive calls while taking launching camera
4.To be able to receive Alarm notification in setting

2. What is intelligence testing?

the testing done with our knowledge is called intelligence

3. How to test an application which is developed for multiple languages for e.g. a web application which is for English, Chinese, Japanese, french?

Language Testing is very important for any application. for
testing an application for different languages with out any
tools we can do testing in following way:
In IE ...
STEP 1 : Open an new IE browser
STEP 2 : Open Tools tab -> select Internet Options
STEP 3 : In General Tab -> select language (Available in
Appearance header)
STEP 4 : Click on Add and select a language and place it at
top navigating with move up button.


IE will convert to language selected and we can test
according to requirements and specification.

4. How android application testing will be done?

1. Write testcases as per the application functionality, as the same way you write for any of the software application.

2. Execute them and log a defect

3. Real time examples for mobile application that needs to verify are as below :
- When application is running on the device , you give interuption by call or sms or bluetooth
- When application is running check the CPU useage from the system settings menu
- If application is opening any URL from inside the application itself then check whether it is passing any confidential data
- Check application stability with wi-fi On/Off state
- Check application launch time after the interruption received

5. Where is the APN stored?

APN's are used in establishing packet data connections, most
commonly to the Internet over 2G and 3G mobile networks.
APN's can be stored in contexts, which are identified by
number, and specify information on how to establish a data
session (packet orientation, c.f. circuit switched).

6. Tell me How GPRS works?

GPRS work because of your mobile Sim, it receives the single
from the nearby cellular tower and provide you the internet

7. What is Another name of PEER REVIEW MEETING?

The Peer review meeting is also called as " Technical
Review " meeting.

8. What are the common critical, blocker, major, minor bug founds while testing a mobile?

CRITICAL BUG: This is nothing but a crash...suppose when u
r trying to play a song from media player of MIDI format,or
when a incoming call comes to your mobile when u r testing
a particular feature in your device it may crash.They r
many examples like this.

BLOCK: Unable to boot your device or unable to go back to
previous screen or unable to go to ur main menu when u r
testing particular feature.unable to invoke anything untill
and unless you reboot your device

Major: Unable to funtion or misfunctionality of a
particular feature

Minor: Usually GUI bugs comes under minor bugs. These bugs
wont affect functionality. Example overlapping of letters
in message compose screen.

9. Explain some conformance testcases of a mobile?

confermance testcases of a mobile can be refer spec 34.123,
for example For RLC/MAC 7.1. to etc

10. What are the different classes of GPRS? What is the use of this GPRS classes?

There are three classes:
Class A
Class B
Class c

Class A
Can be connected to GPRS service and GSM service (voice,
SMS), using both at the same time. Such devices are known
to be available today.
Class B
Can be connected to GPRS service and GSM service (voice,
SMS), but using only one or the other at a given time.
During GSM service (voice call or SMS), GPRS service is
suspended, and then resumed automatically after the GSM
service (voice call or SMS) has concluded. Most GPRS mobile
devices are Class B.
Class C
Are connected to either GPRS service or GSM service (voice,
SMS). Must be switched manually between one or the other

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