2. What is the difference between Product-based Company and Projects-based Company?

Product based company develops the applications for Global clients i.e. there is no specific clients. Here requirements are gathered from market and analyzed with experts.
Project based company develops the applications for the specific client. The requirements are gathered from the client and analyzed with the client.

3. What is TRM?

TRM means Test Responsibility Matrix.

TRM: --- It indicates mapping between test factors and development stages...

Test factors like:
Ease of use, reliability, portability, authorization, access control, audit trail, ease of operates, maintainable... Like dat...
Development stages...
Requirement gathering, Analysis, design, coding, testing, and maintenance

4. What the main use of preparing a traceability matrix?

Traceability matrix is prepared in order to cross check the test cases designed against each requirement, hence giving an opportunity to verify that all the requirements are covered in testing the application.
To Cross verify the prepared test cases and test scripts with user requirements. To monitor the changes, enhance occurred during the development of the project.

5. What is Software reliability?

It is the probability that software will work without failure for a specified period of time in a specified environment.Reliability of software is measured in terms of Mean Time Between Failure (MTBF). For eg if MTBF = 10000 hours for an average software, then it should not fail for 10000 hours of continous operation.

6. Explain Software metrics?

Measurement is fundamental to any engineering discipline
Why Metrics?
- We cannot control what we cannot measure!
- Metrics helps to measure quality
- Serves as dash-board

The main metrices are :size,shedule,defects.In this there are main sub metrices.

Test Coverage = Number of units (KLOC/FP) tested / total size of the system
Test cost (in %) = Cost of testing / total cost *100
Cost to locate defect = Cost of testing / the number of defects located
Defects detected in testing (in %) = Defects detected in testing / total system defects*100
Acceptance criteria tested = Acceptance criteria tested / total acceptance criteria

7. What is the formal technical review?

Technical review should be done by the team of members. The document, which is going to be reviewed, who has prepared and reviewers should sit together and do the review of that document. It is called Peer Review. If it is a technical document, It can be called as formal Technical review, I guess. It varies depends on the company policy.

8. What are the main key components in Web applications and client and Server applications? (differences)?

For Web Applications: Web application can be implemented using any kind of technology like Java, .NET, VB, ASP, CGI& PERL. Based on the technology,We can derive the components.

Let's take Java Web Application. It can be implemented in 3 tier architecture. Presentation tier (jsp, html, dthml,servlets, struts). Busienss Tier (Java Beans, EJB, JMS) Data Tier(Databases like Oracle, SQL Server etc., )

If you take .NET Application, Presentation (ASP, HTML, DHTML), Business Tier (DLL) & Data Tier ( Database like Oracle, SQL Server etc.,)

Client Server Applications: It will have only 2 tiers. One is Presentation (Java, Swing) and Data Tier (Oracle, SQL Server). If it is client Server architecture, the entire application has to be installed on the client machine. When ever you do any changes in your code, Again, It has to be installed on all the client machines. Where as in Web Applications, Core Application will reside on the server and client can be thin Client(browser). Whatever the changes you do, you have to install the application in the server. NO need to worry about the clients. Because, You will not install any thing on the client machine.

9. In what basis you will write test cases?

I would write the Test cases based on Functional Specifications and BRDs and some more test cases using the Domain knowledge.

10. What is the minimum criteria for white box?

We should know the logic, code and the structure of the program or function. Internal knowledge of the application how the system works what's the logic behind it and structure how it should react to particular action.

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