1. How to record & run on Japanese language application using English version of IBM?

As a Spanish Language Specialist, i test(record and run)
the application as same as i do it in English. The only
difference is you should know the language to debug the
issues if you come accross any.

2. What is RTRT?

RTRT means "Rational Test Real Time" an IBM product which
used to test the real time "Embedded Systems" of an
application, and the most important point is to check the
program whether it is working properly as per client
And it having two types of testing
1.UT (Unit Testing)
2.SI (Software Integration)

3. What is the use of "TestObject root = getRootTestObject();" in RFT?

TestObject root = getRootTestObject()

getRootTestObject point to the top most object in the
hierarchy of the page which is browser using this you are
going to indentify the object under it.

4. Explain purpose of inserting delay values in the scripts of Rational?

wait values are useful when the application requires an
unknown amount of time to complete a task. Using a wait
value keeps the verification point from failing if the task
is not completed or if the data is not accessible right

5. What is the use of Global.sbl file in Rational?

Robot provides lobal.sbl file for the convinience of the
users.It a blank library source file.You can add procedures
to it or make your own

6. What is the purpose of the wait state?

Wait statement is used for synchronization.
WR simply waits the specified amount of time, whether the
application is completed its operation or not.
Ex: suppose if one operation takes varible amount of time,
inorder to synchronize between WR and application we use
wait statement.
wait(secs.) wait(20)
Here, WR waits 20 seconds even the operation completes in 5

7. What is the purpose of break point?

we can use breakpoints to help debug our test scripts. A
breakpoint stops a test run at a specified line in the test
script, or in a specified function. You may want to stop a
test run using a breakpoint in order to:
1.monitor the entries in the Watch List
2.begin stepping through a test script using the Step commands

8. How to test Java Applications and what settings you need to do?

To open java application for testing In robot click Insert>>
in that click Start Java Application..>> give path of java

For Java we have to enable the applications as follows,

!)Run the java Enabler to have it scan your hard drive for
java environment such as web browsers& sun JDK
installations that Robot Supports.The Java Enabler only
enables those environments that are currently installed.

9. For unattended execution which playback options you will use?

Something like this
rtrobo.exe <path to.rec file> /project <path to .project
file> /play /close

10. How to analyze results after playback?

test manager opens the result window with appropriate

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