1. Tell me what do you enjoy about writing?

☛ Why it's important to ask this: Content marketing is a lot more than writing; however, I consider this talent to be a foundational element of a superstar content marketer. You have to love what you do.
☛ What to look out for: Look for indicators that they have a passion for writing. Understand what drives their passion, what outlets they've used to express this passion, and what personal benefits they get out of creating content.

2. Do you know the difference between content and copy?

Copy is sales-oriented, while content is value-oriented. Copy is the stuff you'd find in a brochure, while content is what you'd find in a bona fide newsletter. A good writer should know the difference between the two.

3. Tell us about the best book you've read recently?

The best writers love to read, and not just blogs and e-zines. On my list of acceptable answers would be any marketing or general business book, as well as any book that shows your writer is a well-rounded individual.

4. Tell us how would you handle working with different clients?

Working with different clients often means having to change not only the topic of your work, but even the tone and style. This is where a very good writer is going to be your goal, and the research about the topic can be learned.

5. Explain how do you apply SEO best practices to your writing?

Savvy use of SEO best practices is vital if you want your company's content to be found online, so you want to hire a content marketing writer who understands and knows how to do SEO and do it well.

6. Explain me a situation in which you were given feedback on a content piece?

☛ Why it's important to ask this: I certainly want a content marketer to have an opinion about what works and what doesn't work. However, it's also important that they can accept critiques about their work and make changes as necessary.
☛ What to look out for: Understand what type of feedback they received, how it made them feel-and most importantly-what they did with that feedback.

7. Tell us how would you create content to appeal to our company's target audience?

The prospective writer's answer to this question will help you figure out how she thinks and whether her thinking will work well with your industry, your company and the type of content you want to create.

8. Tell me what different styles, tones and voices do you have experience writing in?

A key part of building a strong, cohesive brand is establishing a style, tone and voice for all of the content you create. Some good writers can write well in a variety of styles, while others are more limited. It doesn't matter which you hire, but you want someone who will be able to match the style, tone and voice you've decided on for your brand.

9. Tell me do you work well on your own, or do you prefer to work in groups?

For this job, it's important to be happy working alone and setting your own daily goals.

10. Please explain why did you choose content writing as a career?

This one is pretty easy. Because I always felt writing is in my bones J I am an Engineering graduate and understandably this was a standard question in all interviews. I gave the same reply in all interviews and it worked just fine.

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