1. What do you enjoy about writing?

Look for signs of excitement and enthusiasm. You likely have a keeper if the person touts the personal benefits of creating great content.

2. Explain which social media brand strategy has inspired you lately?

Show that you know about the social media efforts of major brands. Glamour Magazine, for instance, is taking advantage of Google Hangouts to engage their fans in ways that print cannot. This Hangout campaign by Glamour features staff, online personalities, and brands, while cleverly and subtly advertising products.

3. How would you improve our company's social media presence?

There's no one right answer to this. The best answer will come from doing your homework. Research your potential employer's current activities across all channels. Then, produce a plan, with action items and metrics for success.

4. Please explain what Social Media Campaigns Have You Been Part Of/Managed?

If you're applying for a social media job, then your prospective employer will probably want to see/hear about what you've done in the past. They'll want to see how you can use social media on a commercial level – so this is a brilliant chance for you to showcase your talents.

A great way to tackle this question would be to tell them about a project you've ran or assisted with and talk about the success of this. Remember to focus on stats in particular – if you increased the engagement of your social media platform, make sure you state by how much. You want to wow your potential employer by your past achievements, so make sure you've got some stats at the ready.

5. Tell me has your content been critiqued in the past? How so?

Watch their body language and listen for cues that indicate they see feedback as an opportunity to improve - and that they willingly apply it to their writing.

Ability to align content with readers' needs
Content marketers must understand the market, industry, and audience they're serving. That means listening to customers and influencers, identifying customer needs, and providing content relevant to the industry. Ask:

6. Explain how would you improve our company's current social media campaign?

The answer for this questions proves you have spent time researching the company's current social media campaigns, and have taken the time to find workable solutions for any problems with the current campaign.

7. Explain me who is your favorite brand/personality on social media and why?

This question is a great chance for you to give the interviewer an inside look at your personality and to talk about what media brands and personalities inspire you. When preparing your answer, be honest but don't pick the most obvious choice. “Don't say that it's Birchbox because that's cheating,” Juliette jokes. Instead, show that you know the social media space and that you're familiar with brands and influencers who are making a difference. Mention the name of your favorite account, approximately how many followers they have and give a specific reason for why you like them such as the fact that they post funny memes on Instagram. This will show that you understand what goes into making a successful brand or personality on social media.

8. Explain what Attracted To You A Job In Social Media?

This is probably one of the first questions many social media employers will ask – they want to know that you've got passion and commitment to the industry, and asking you what attracted you to social media can be a brilliant way of working it out.

A good answer would be to state that it's an up and coming industry with plenty of room to progress and enhance your skills. This shows that you're in it for the long haul and you're a candidate that thrives under pressure – they want someone who will actively seek out ways to improve themselves.

9. Explain how do you measure the effectiveness of a social media campaigns?

Social media managers need to know how to define success for social media campaigns. Do you utilize social media campaign tools such as Klout? How do you use KPIs and analytics to prove the success of your campaigns? Need to add some tools to your kit? Check out this post.

10. Do you know what is the future of social media?

“This is a really essential question because it shows that you're thinking ahead and you understand that social media is a fast-moving industry,” Juliette explains. When she asks this question during an interview, she wants to know that candidates are thinking several steps ahead and that they're able to anticipate new trends before they happen. “I want to know that you're thoughtful and creative and are thinking more than just ‘in the now',” she says.

To nail this answer, do some research on new platforms and trend forecasts for the upcoming year. Come prepared with at least two examples to discuss. One of these should focus on a trend for an existing channel while the other should mention an emerging platform that could be the next big thing.

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