1. Explain an example of a campaign that did not work out as you had planned?

It is important that you are able to recognize why a plan went wrong and to learn from the experience.

Your analytical and problem solving skills are under scrutiny. Campaigns often fail due to poor research and groundwork, inappropriate objectives, or ineffective communication.

2. Tell me when is it better not to engage on social media?

Again, it comes down to judgment. It might be tempting to respond to every negative comment on social media, but a good social media specialist will know how to distinguish between legitimate customer complaints and people who are just looking for attention.

3. Tell me what tools do you use to manage your channels?

Good social media managers won't just blast content onto their channels. They will have a deliberate strategy behind their campaigns and use professional tools to monitor their effectiveness. Dashboards like Hootsuite and Sprout Social give social media specialists the ability to both manage channels and perform basic analytics from one interface.

4. Explain me how you have effectively used digital marketing tools?

In answering this marketing manager interview question, focus on your skills in mobile and online marketing including search engine tactics and optimization, click-through advertising, writing for the Web using keywords, designing for customer usability, utilization of social media and tracking success of the campaign.

5. Please explain how do you use social media as a tool for customer service?

This is an opportunity for the professional to demonstrate both their strategic thinking as well as their judgment and soft skills. A good social media specialist should be able to work with your CS team to make sure that they're providing support that's helpful and on-brand, and also recognize when it's better to take the conversation off social media.

6. Tell me what is on-page and off page optimization?

☛ Off page optimization: It is the process of boosting your search engine ranking by getting external links pointing back to it

☛ On page optimization: On page optimization directly deals with the content and structure of the website.

7. Explain me examples of social media experiments you'd like to run with our business?

There is no single solution when it comes to social media. Trends change, communities evolve. A good social media specialist is constantly looking for new ways to engage with their audience. They should also know how to use the results of their experiments to inform future campaigns.

8. Say there's a crisis on one of our social media channels. How do you handle it?

Nobody likes it, but it's a fact in today's digital age: Sometimes things can go wrong on social media. A great social media expert can describe the steps they'd take to resolve the situation. If you have a set of best practices in place, they should follow that plan; if you don't have one, they should help create it.

9. Explain me what is an effective PPC keyword should be like?

An effective PPC keyword should be

☛ Relevant : List out the targeted keywords
☛ Exhaustive : Apart from most popular keywords it should include the “long tail of search”
☛ Expansive: PPC is iterative, therefore the keyword list should be constantly growing and adapting

10. Explain me a situation in which an innovative course of action was necessary?

Your ability to evaluate a situation, problem or opportunity and understand the action that needs to be taken is key to success as a marketing manager. Gaining a clear perspective is necessary before deciding on the focus of your innovation.

Taking into consideration the available resources and how they can be best used is important in determining the best course of action. Your ability to capitalize on the situation should be highlighted.

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