1. Explain When is PRE-QUERY trigger executed?

When Execute-query or count-query Package procedures are invoked.

2. Explain What does an on-clear-block Trigger fire?

It fires just before SQL * forms the current block.

3. Explain What is the difference between NAME_IN and COPY?

Copy is package procedure and writes values into a field.
Name in is a package function and returns the contents of the variable to which you apply.

4. Explain When does an on-lock trigger fire?

It will fires whenever SQL * Forms would normally attempt to lock a row.

5. Explain What is the maximum size of a form?

255 character width and 255 characters Length.

7. Explain What ERASE package procedure does?

Erase removes an indicated global variable.

8. Explain What is a Package Procedure?

A Package procedure is built in PL/SQL procedure.

9. Explain What are the main types of TRIGGERS?

1)Block processing trigger
2)Interface event trigger
3)Message-handling trigger
4)Validation trigger
5)Navigation trigger
6)Trancation trigger
7)Query_time trigger