1. In GL there is no org id. So how do we differentiate the data from different operating units?

In GL you will have Set of Books Id defined for each set of books you define for the organizations. Using SOB's ID you will distinguish the Books or Organizations.

2. At what stage is the subledger data posted to GL?

Basically after entering the transactions, report will be taken to verify the transactions. In case, if approval is needed, it is approved after verifying the transactions. Once you are sure that the transactions are correct, the same can be posted to GL. Once it is posted, most of the informations for the posted transaction can not be modified in the subledger. In case of any wrong entry, you need to follow the reversal procedure.

Practically, the verification of transactions are done only during the initial stages after implementation. Once the system becomes stable, it is not followed strictly.

Note : Make sure that GL period is open for the transaction GL date.

3. What is the difference between GL date and GL posted date?

GL Posted Date : It is the defaultly current date, but you can change it.

GL Date : Beginning and ending GL dates that will be picked up when interface is executed.

4. Can we change the profile value? How?

nd_profile API can sbe used to set the profile value

fnd_profile.put(name in varchar2,value in varchar2)

5. What is the MD form 50?

MD50 is a Functional design document used in AIM methodology.

mainly used for Application Extensions and Interface functional design.

7. Expain ADI and its features?

Broadly following are the feature / elements of ADI

1.Journal Wizard.

2.Budget Wizard.

3.Report Wizard.

4.Account Hierarchy Editor.

5.Analysis Wizard.

6.Request Center.

8. What is meant by ADI?

ADI is used to interface spreadsheet uploads with Oracle applications data. ADI allows users take advantage of many of the data-entry shortcuts of a spreadsheet, such as copying and pasting cells, dragging and dropping ranges of cells and using formulas to calculate journal line amounts. ADI validates the data entered against the accounts, security rules and reference information that are defined in the General Ledger (GL).

9. Can anyone please say me what is EDI and its functions?

EDi - Electronic Data Interchange, to send the data to another server/destination via EDI server.,edi is a toll where in whenever the customer is sending the PO it gets saved in this toll, again when the supplier after supplying the material will send an invoice through EDI ,wherein the EDI of the customer will match the PO with the invoice and the invoice will get processed automatically, in case if it is not matching it will be in the error sheet

10. What is planing budget in GL?

The plan for the future expenses is planning budget. It is a paper work. There is no funds rerequirement. It does not require journals. There is no restrictions for estimating of funds.

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