1. What OTN is sponsoring?

OTN is also sponsoring a full slate of community-focused activities at Oracle OpenWorld, including:

* OTN Lounge
* OTN Night
* OpenWorld Unconference

2. In addition to comprising several community-oriented Web sites explain about OTN?

In addition to comprising several community-oriented Web sites, OTN is also the sponsoring organization for:

* The Oracle ACE Program (which recognizes non-employee Oracle advocates for their contributions to the Oracle community)
* OTN Developer Days - including Java/SOA workshops
* Developer newsletters (for Java and .NET, etc.)

3. Explain Some useful sections on OTN?

Some of the useful sections on OTN include:

* Oracle documentation
* Product information and demos
* Download products (trial license)

4. Explain Oracle Technology Network?

Oracle Technology Network (OTN) is Oracles official community website for Oracle technical professionals. Also referred to as Oracle TechNet or OTN.

OTN professes to be the worlds largest on-line community of DBAs, developers and architects using Oracle products and industry-standard technologies (such as Java, Linux and PHP), with 6+ million registrations.

5. What is ORDER_TO_CASH cycle?

We perform the following steps in O2C cycle
Enter and Book Sales Order
Schedule the Order
Pick Release the Order
Ship confirm the Order
Auto Invoice to the Receivables for the customer invoicing
Bank Reconciliation

6. What is PTO and ATO?

PTO and ATO or Different Ordering Environments,

PTO is Pick To Order: where it is assumed that

availability of stock is plenty , just pick and relese and ship for an order.

ATO is Assemble to Order : it is assuemed that,

availble of option class, all included/standard items/ and depending up on the Order the Assemblies are carried and shipped.

where it is expected that an order is booked for a predefined model item,