1. Tell me what was the best company you have worked for?

Golden corral Very good plan and communication. A plan for everything and it was trained very well.

2. Explain me about your managing experiences?

It has been most delightful, I learn that I have a love to see people development and smiling faces that what has kept me in this business for so long.

3. Tell me have you been offered any positions yet?

I feel that I am moving forward with the best company on the market and that any other positions tried for would be a loss of my integrity.

4. Tell me what is your best skill as a manager?

I take direction as much as I give it. I believe in coaching employees and delegating tasks. I push for hospitality more than I do service.

5. Tell me what's dissatisfy you nearly all an early on job?

Inefficiency bothers me. I believe in giving chances to my staff but if I see that someone's behavior reflects directly on business, it makes me uncomfortable. And this is why I believe in doing things right the first time.

6. Tell me what are your inventory techniques?

I feel inventory should be done in pares once a month unless your food cost is to high after monitoring the garbage and whats coming back from the tables you can do a weekly iventory for a few weeks this should give you the data you need

7. Tell me why are you leaving your last position?

The call center that the deli I was managing down sized by 6oo employees, the site moved to a smaller builing and the group went the route of home reps, our services were no longer needed with the company. I was laid off.

8. Tell me what's your philosophy towards work?

I believe in doing things right the first time. If you want customer satisfaction and recurrent business, you have to be meticulous and a charmer.

9. Explain what promotion experiences do you have?

I have come up with brunch, salsa night, radio remotes, free thanksgiving dinner, deal of the day, bogos, restaurant week, menu designs, happy hours.

10. Explain what made you choose to apply for this position?

The food service industry has always intrigued me which is why I chose to try my hand at it. Leadership is my forte and by combining the two, I believe that working as a restaurant supervisor makes sense.

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