1. What are schedules related to the Indian constitution? the meaning of these schedules?

Indian constitution has 12 schedules. originally we had 8
schedules. a schedule is something like annexure to the
constitution. most of the schedules has lists in it. for
example 8th schedule has list of official languages in

2. What is money bill?

money bill is related to the income and expanditure of the
govt. this may a smallera mount to be passed for any
particular work or it may the budget of govt. At center it
can be produced before loksabha only than in the rajaya

4. What was the criteria to be elected in British parliament for Indians before 15 august1947?

Before leave India british are conditions for India they
have devidend rule post.

6. Which countrys independence day is same with India?

South Korea is the Country which got its official
independence on the same day as India.

8. The Structure of Indian Constitution is?

Basically structure of indian constitution is of 4 types:
4.partly unitary partly federal

9. How to encourage right person in politics or how a entrance exam can be conducted for politicians?

politics isdirect related to society then always select
ecofriendly persons ,who belief that socialism is more
importance the religionism and who accept the change

10. Explain liberty and equality as in the preamble?

liberty and equlity are the two faces of a coin. in our
preamble it is very clearly conveyed that there will be no
discrimination on the basis of caste, religion, race, sex,
colour, place of birth etc...
at the same time it also says that india is a democratic
country where the representives of the people is directly
chosen by the people through adult sufferage meaning, one
person one vote. also the ratio of representatives as per
population is another form of equality. however the
dictinctions have been made for SC,ST,OBC,FEMALES etc.
besides some facts this is positive discrimination.

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