1. Wipro technology and Outsourcing Company Introduction

Wipro technology and Outsourcing Company is headquartered in Bangalore and it is listed in NYSE. It is one of the leading players in IT and BPO space. Their origin dates back to pre-independence era and is widely recognized world wide for its products and services.

2. Interview for WIPRO Company comprises of three stages

1) Written test which is of 50 marks and has time duration of 1 hour.
2) Technical interview
3) HR interview

3. Many of the candidates appearing for WIPRO fail to pass through the Technical interview due to lack of basics.

Many of the candidates appearing for WIPRO fail to pass through the Technical interview due to lack of basics. Questions are easy if you have basic understanding of object oriented languages and Java. They are also recognized for their extensive background check of a candidate. They thoroughly check the credentials of the candidate and it is also good to be honest before the interviewer. Working in WIPRO gives a candidate global exposure and makes them much more favorable for other Indian companies.

4. Some of the interview questions asked by the HR team of Wipro are as follows: -

1) Give the difference between C and ANSI C?
2) Why should programmers use object oriented programming?
3) Give difference between compile time error and run time error?
4) Why Java is used extensively in today`s applications what makes it different from other languages?
5) Describe about applet lifecycle?
6) For what purposes programmers use Encapsulation? State some uses of it?
7) How do you design the project layout or the outline or structure of a program?
8) Explain some of the concepts of Java design patterns?
9) Why should a programmer use C instead of C++?
10) State some uses of RDBMS?
11) Mention the different stages of software design?
12) What are the different protocols present while transferring data from one web browser to another browser?

5. When you are attending to a multinational company like Wipro

When you are attending to a multinational company like Wipro it is always good to maintain positive attire, eye contact, body language, confidence while answering and the most important aspect is Integrity.
These are some of the questions related to written test. Written test is very important because it gives you a chance to speak with the technical HR from where you can exhibit your skills. So it is imperative that you pass the written test. Here are some questions which are related to written test.

6. There would be approximately 50 questions and there is no negative marking. The split up is

(i) Verbal approximately fifteen questions
(ii) Analytical approximately fifteen questions
(iii) Technical approximately twenty questions

7. The allotment will differ. Here are some few analytical questions

1) A business man buys a property at three-fifth of its value and sells it for 5 per cent more than its value. What will be the total profit in this deal
2) Ramu has brought an old car for Rs.35, 000 and spent 25% of the cost on its repair. If he wants to earn Rs 7000 as net profit on it, how much percentage should he add to the purchase price of the car?
3) Siri bought a VCD and got 5% of its original price as dealer's discount. She then sold it with 10% profit on his purchase price. What percentage profit did she get on the original price of the VCD?
4) The sum of the number and its reciprocal is twice the difference of the number and its reciprocal. Explain the answer and the number you have obtained?
5) An empty fuel tank of car was filled with `A` type of petrol and when it became half empty they filled it with `B` type of petrol. Again when the tank was half empty, it was filled with `A` type of petrol. When the tank was half empty again, it was filled with B type of petrol. What was the percentage of `A` type of petrol in tank?

8. It is better to read books such as Barrons on verbal ability. There are questions available on this website which is related to technical. Here are some questions which give you an understanding about the process and the method you need to prepare: -

1) What is the difference between SQL and PL/SQL? State and explain the various uses of the languages?
2) What was the main reason behind the creation of .NET platform?
3) What is reusability and state some examples? etc
Interview questions related to HR
1) The famous question Tell me about your self?
2) What do you know about Wipro and its job environment?
3) Tell me about your project and explain its uses, features and disadvantages?
4) Give us a one good reason to hire you?
5) What are all the different languages you know? State some examples and features, uses of the language you know?
6) Why did you choose IT field any specific importance?
7) How did your education background help you in career in IT field?
8) What hobbies and interests do you have and what interests you in them?
9) Can you explain about new features of your favorite language, add on`s, etc?
10) What are the different ways in which you can exploit a website?

9. What is Memory management in C in Wipro?

The C programming language manages memory statically, automatically, or dynamically.
Static-duration variables are allocated in main memory, usually along with the executable code of the program, and persist for the lifetime of the program
Automatic-duration variables are allocated on the stack and come and go as functions are called and return.
For static-duration and automatic-duration variables, the size of the allocation is required to be compile-time constant.
Dynamic memory allocation in which memory is more explicitly (but more flexibly) managed, typically, by allocating it from the heap, an area of memory structured for this purpose.
In C, the library function malloc is used to allocate a block of memory on the heap. The program accesses this block of memory via a pointer that malloc returns. When the memory is no longer needed, the pointer is passed to free which deallocates the memory so that it can be used for other purposes.

10. What is Functionality of Operating System in Wipro?

An operating system (OS) is a set of software that manages computer hardware resources and provides common services for computer programs.
To act as interface between hardware and users, an operating system must be able perform the following functions:
1. Enabling start-up application programs. Thus, the operating system must have:
✰ A text editor
✰ A translator
✰ An editor of links

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11. Explain the use of IP address in Wipro?

An Internet Protocol address (IP address) is a numerical label assigned to each device (e.g., computer, printer) participating in a computer network that uses the Internet Protocol for communication.An IP address serves two principal functions: host or network interface identification and location addressing.

12. Can you please explain the difference between unique and primary key constraints?

A UNIQUE constraint is similar to PRIMARY key, but you can have more than one UNIQUE constraint per table. Contrary to PRIMARY key UNIQUE constraints can accept NULL but just once. If the constraint is defined in a combination of fields, then every field can accept NULL and can have some values on them, as long as the combination values is unique.

13. Explain the steps involved in designing in Wipro?

Project plan, Requirements, Design, Coding, Testing, Re-coding and design, Development, Maintenance.

14. Can you please explain the difference between interface and multiple interface?

Both an abstract class and an interface are specific types of computer objects that allow a programmer to loosely define one type of object as if it were another type, while retaining all of the object's original properties. While multiple different computer languages use one or both of these concepts, Java is the most well-known. Abstract classes and interfaces have a variety of similarities, but also incorporate significant differences in structure, syntax, and usage.

15. How to delete Duplicate row in table of Wipro?

SQL> delete from table_name where rowid not in (select max(rowid) from table group by duplicate_values_field_name).

16. When do we use SQL Profiler in Wipro?

SQL Profiler utility allows us to basically track connections to the SQL Server and also determine activities such as which SQL Scripts are running, failed jobs etc..

17. What is Active objects in Wipro?

Active objects are one which instigate an interaction which owns a thread and they are responsible for handling control to other objects. In simple words it can be referred as client.

18. Explain Program counter in Wipro?

Program counter holds the address of either the first byte of the next instruction to be fetched for execution or the address of the next byte of a multi byte instruction, which has not been completely fetched. In both the cases it gets incremented automatically one by one as the instruction bytes get fetched. Also Program register keeps the address of the next instruction.

19. Give an example of Stored Procedure?

CREATE procedure - is a stored procedure, which is a saved collection of Transact-SQL statements that can take and return user-supplied parameters.

20. What are the benefits of Stored Procedures in Wipro?

❅ Reduced client/server traffic
❅ Efficient reuse of code and programming abstraction
❅ Enhanced security controls

21. What is XML case-sensitive?

XML is case sensitive when uppercase and lowercase characters are treated differently.
Element type names, Attribute names, Attribute values, All general and parameter entity names, and data content (text), are case-sensitive.

22. Explain Null object in Wipro?

It is an object of some class whose purpose is to indicate that a real object of that class does not exist. One common use for a null object is a return value from a member function that is supposed to return an object with some specified properties but cannot find such an object.

23. Explain the property of class in Wipro?

A property is a member that provides access to an attribute of an object or a class. Examples of properties include the length of a string, the size of a font, the caption of a window, the name of a customer, and so on.

24. Can you please explain the difference between static and dynamic modeling?

Static modeling is used to specify structure of the objects that exist in the problem domain. These are expressed using class, object and USECASE diagrams. But Dynamic modeling refers representing the object interactions during runtime. It is represented by sequence, activity, collaboration and statechart diagrams.

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25. Tell me does a class inherit the constructors of its super class?

A class does not inherit constructors from any of its super classes.